A copier machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a business. They are not only used for printing, but they can also be used in almost everything in the office – copying, scanning, faxing, and even emailing files. In many organizations, copiers are often considered a precious investment as they can streamline the efficiency of operations in the office. While a new copy machine can be expensive, it’s important to note that they also do a lot of things for your office’s productivity. For this reason, it’s important to consider features that will save you money and time on your copier before you decide on buying or leasing a new copier.

Here are some copy machine features that will save you tons of money and time.

User Recognition or Secure Print Release

Copier machines often offer this option. When activated, the machine will know it is you when you arrive at the printer and won’t release a copy until you enter your code. This feature can be useful for transforming a public copier into an employee-only resource. Your printer will hold the document in a private queue that only you can see, and your document will only print when you swipe your ID or log in to the printer.

This is an extremely feature considering copiers store data about the documents or files it copies, scans, prints, faxes, or emails. Find a managed print services company that can help you find a copier that has this feature. Your managed print service provider will also be able to assist you in improving the security of all data stored in your copier. 

Automatic Toner Ordering

If you want to save time on your copier, automatic toner ordering may be the perfect option. With this feature, once a week or month (depending on how often you use your machine), an order will be placed, without any input from you, and your managed print services company will send you new toners. You can set up alerts and notifications so that when it’s time for more toner, you’ll know. You can rest easy knowing that with this copy machine feature, you never have to worry about forgetting or misplacing the number and letter combination for re-ordering. Automatic toner ordering is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you always have toner in stock – anytime you need it.

Page Number and Watermark Features

Copying documents is easy, but editing them to make minor changes, or even just saving a new copy of the document so it can be printed from another machine when the copier on-site malfunctions don’t seem worth the effort.

To save time and money, many copy machines now have a function that automatically adds page numbers and dates to your copies. Some copiers can even store your watermark, which is an essential feature for any company.

Auto Duplexing

One feature that saves time and money with copiers is auto-duplexing. This means that a document prints on both sides automatically, rather than you turn it over manually. Copier machines save both time and money by using less paper.

You can easily cut back on time with this feature by introducing this feature to your employees. You can easily find the “Print on Both Sides” option in most copy machines, or you can set it as a default option.

Scan to File and Scan to Email Feature

The scan-to-file and scan to email features are designed to help you work more efficiently in the workplace. With these features, you can use your copier to scan files (typically .docx or .pdf) which you can then save as a word document or a PDF file, and then email to yourself or someone else. The best thing about this feature is that you can do it right from the copier without going to your computer. That saves a lot of time especially if you must accomplish multiple tasks each day.

Copying part of a page

This copier feature allows you to choose specific areas of a page to be copied. With this, the copier will scan the entire page. Then, it will let you select certain areas to be copied or printed from the original scanned page. This makes it easier for you if you prefer not to waste your toner by copying images, texts, or sensitive information you don’t need.

Mobile Printing Feature

This feature gives you the ability to print directly from your phone or tablet anywhere you are in the office, without having to walk back to your desk. The software for mobile printing is readily available for both Android and iOS devices.

Collate and Staple Feature

One of the advanced features of copy machines is Collate and Staple. It takes a lot of time to put together printed packets or handbooks for presentations. Luckily for busy employees, this time-consuming task can be easily solved with a copy machine that has a Collate and Staple feature. As opposed to just copying and printing documents, this feature can let your copier print booklets and even do the hole-punching and binding!

Character Recognition

This feature uses character recognition technology and is probably one of the most important scanning features you never knew you needed. This feature turns paper documents into digital files and logs every word you copy into a searchable database. This simplifies searches and presents opportunities for analytics and convenience.

SD Card or USB Printing

Look for a copier that has a USB or SD card port so you can have a document or file ready to print without even going to a computer. This time-saving feature allows you to walk straight to your copier without the need for a print driver on your computer.


If you are planning to get a new copier for your office’s needs, make sure to contact a managed print service provider. They have experts who specialize in technology solutions and custom packages where you have the option to purchase or lease a copier that suits your business’ needs.