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How Managed Print Services Benefits the Legal Industry

A majority of activities in the legal industry involve the use of printed documents. The printing of contracts, deeds, litigation, agreements, leases and more all take place in a law office. With that said, it is only practical for law offices to take time to evaluate their printing activities. According to research, the average law [...]

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5 Ways MPS Can Improve Your Xerox Multifunction Printer

A Xerox multifunction printer is a multifunction device that carries the consolidated functionality of a printer, copier, fax and scanner into a single machine. Multifunction devices are commonly used by budget and space conscious users for three good reasons: They are less costly compared to buying three or four separate devices, they work to conserve [...]

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Brother’s Top 5 All-In-One Printers for Your Company in 2020

All-in-one printers, which are the trend in today’s office systems, may look small but they are powerful. Multifunction printers can print, photocopy, send and receive fax messages and scan images. While they have pros and cons just like any other device or system, all-in-one printers are the most widely used office printing equipment today. As [...]

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