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In a 2014 report, the global paper production hit 400 million tons. And like with any business, printing is one of the essentials in the retail industry. However, managing the printing fleet can be challenging at times. Print management solutions give your retail business an edge due to the following reasons: It can improve customer service.  Your [...]

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Why Managed Print Services is Perfect for your Business During a Pandemic

Running a business during a global pandemic is, no doubt, an extremely challenging task. Since the beginning of all COVID-19 disruptions, about 43% of businesses had temporarily closed in the United States. From an economic standpoint, these drastic changes, despite being temporary, can bring about massive consequences for the months and years to come. As [...]

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Quick Tips to Fixing Skewed and Crooked Images

With rising customer expectations and hectic turnaround times, many businesses rely on Xerox print management services for their office's printing needs. This is because Xerox print managed print services identifies not just printers, but all office equipment such as copiers and fax machines. Print automation prevents more human errors and waste, which can significantly affect [...]

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The Best Copy Machines for the Office

Employee productivity has definitely increased and improved greatly through the years thanks to technology and to one of the most valuable assets in the workplace - the office copy machine. Through the years, copiers and printers have merged into multi-feature, multi-function machines that simplify workflows, cut supply costs and make processes faster and more efficient. [...]

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