A well-run managed print services program will save you time and money.  The mantra in the print management industry has always been, “You can save up to 30% in printing costs with a managed print services program.” But is this a fact or opinion?  The answer is that it depends.  Sometimes, the savings can be MORE than 30% but achieving a hard savings of 12-15% is more realistic.

When you’re evaluating print management companies, what are the top three issues to consider when chasing “30% savings”?

  1. The provider’s business model
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Business Acumen vs. Sales Talent

The business model –

This is the simplest and often overlooked aspect of evaluating print management services – exactly who is the company who is proposing the program?  To go a bit deeper, is the MPS company actively marketing printing solutions or proposing methods that will reduce your current costs? This is the big question.  For example, when you ask the proposing vendor, “How is your company’s revenue divided between hardware and MPS?”, what is his response?  Eighty/Twenty?  Obviously, the larger the percentage of business derived from pure managed print services engagements, the better.

Consider this:  Is you MPS provider a ‘copier dealer’?  This means they sell copiers. However, managed print services in its purest sense, reduces the need for copiers.  At the end of the month, is the missing toner cartridge or the 12 copiers being installed?  It’s important that your expectations are supported by the core business objectives of your MPS company.

Ease of use –

Remote print and device monitoring are standard offerings in managed print services programs and should liberate your employees from wasting time on feeding your printers and copiers. If you haven’t explored the possibilities of remote monitoring with your print management company, do so.  Ideally, the impact to your organization should be minimal even when remote monitoring software is not initiated.  Is there a simple way to contact your provider?  Can you navigate the portal easily?  How about the person covering when you’re on vacation?  Have your prospective MPS provider clearly outline the process when things do not go ‘according to plan’.

Business acumen –

Purchasing toner cartridges and printers is not a complicated argument. Indeed, it’s easy to purchase office equipment over the internet – everybody knows how to price, sell and deliver a box.  Perhaps, all you require are your printers repaired and toners delivered before you need it.   Your MPS representative has seen many different business environments. After the assessment, ask about his understanding of your business and how his solution will help you achieve your goals.  Today, more than ever, expertise is everywhere – why not partner with an MPS provider who knows a bit more than delivery, repairs, downtime and service level agreements?  Tap into the collective experiences of your representative beyond price and delivery.

Managed print services is not brain science, its rocket surgery –

OneDOC helps companies of all sizes, all over the country.  Our sales professionals understand the entire business environment and have been helping clients for decades.  We concentrate on solving your problems and reducing costs in an open manner – even when selling fewer copiers is the best alternative.  OneDOC is customer focused, not machine focused.

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