The continuous and seemingly unending evolution of information technology has given way to the creation of technologically advanced equipment for big industries and business establishments. This equipment, which includes computers and advanced printing machines, has become vital to the operations of modern businesses. Sometimes this technology can become overwhelming and making it all work together seems impossible! This is one of the many reasons why managed print services are an ideal solution for businesses in need.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a process or system that enables an organization to monitor, control and manage their printing. This system helps minimize costs, improves productivity, fortifies document security and fosters environmental sustainability.

With this mission in mind, OneDoc Managed Print services came into being with two major commitments:

  • To offer only the best printers, copiers and other equipment our clients may require, and
  • To offer our clients effective print management solutions to harness the full operation and cost-saving potential of these products

To achieve these goals, OneDoc works with printing solutions providers whose business principles are in line with our own:

  • Create excellent products
  • Adopt a technology that can make life better for everyone.

This is why we like to partner with Hewlett Packard in providing print management solutions to businesses. Here are four things that HP is committed to providing its clients through their products:

Print Security

Security of information is of utmost importance to every company, but this can be breached with unsecure printing. This can have a devastating effect on a business. You can avoid this by using HP for print management because of their capability to secure their printers and imaging devices from various security threats.


Mobile technology enables smartphones and other mobile devices to access files – and allow authorized users to print documents or information remotely.

Through its Managed Mobile Solutions, Hewlett Packard can help to boost employee productivity by giving them the capability to perform secure mobile printing.

Document Management

HP’s document management solutions work to automate document-driven processes and make strategic company information readily available to key employees. This fosters faster processing and sharing of information, operating cost reduction, efficient search and retrieval of content, and systematic data retention and retrieval. All these can lead to improved productivity, reduced cost, minimal waste and more savings for your company.

Environment Friendliness

By reducing waste and minimizing energy use, HP managed print services helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of their client companies.

According to estimates from the Environmental Protection agency (EPA), an average office employee uses 27 pounds of paper a year, with 45% of it ending up in the trash bin. HP print management services and document management can effectively minimize paper usage.

You don’t need to have dozens of printers and copiers to implement print management in your company. By identifying files that need to be printed and the ones that can be saved digitally, you are already helping to optimize your print infrastructure, save on energy cost and minimize paper waste. Seek the help of professionals like OneDoc to make your print environment efficient and productive. Allow us to harness the full potential of your print environment with solutions from HP for print management.

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