Hiring a managed print services provider for your business means employing another company to supervise your printers, copiers and related office equipment. For some, this denotes added costs but if you are able to identify and hire the right provider, you’ll be able to really save money.

MPS companies like a provider of print management solutions in Oklahoma can be helpful to you in many ways, from choosing the best equipment in terms of performance and cost-efficiency to ensuring the security of your company’s information. We have identified four ways in which a competent MPS provider can have a positive impact on your budget.

1. Savings on Supplies

Toner and ink may look harmless to your budget, but these costs can quickly balloon out of control. You may not know it, but printer ink is considered one of the most expensive liquids on the market today. At $12,160 a gallon, it could be considered outrageously expensive. You can just imagine how much you would be spending on ink if you operate a large company with dozens of printers. It’s like you’re pouring “liquid gold” on paper.

With the help of an effective managed print service such as a provider of print management solutions in Oklahoma, you will be able to find efficient office equipment and supplies at competitive industry prices. They will know which of the big brands consume ink or toner faster than others. A good company like the provider of print management solution in Oklahoma can offer you the best cost per page right from the time you choose your printing equipment up to the moment you print information on paper.

A good MPS provider is also able to provide you with prices that remain steady for a specific number of months based on the volume of your purchases.

2. Streamlining of Devices and Reducing Equipment Costs

Tests conducted by consumer reports in August 2018 confirm speculations that some printers consume more ink than others. The report stated further that using less efficient models can be more expensive because a single device can consume more than $100 worth of ink per year.

If you conduct an audit of your printing system, you’d most probably find some old, less efficient printers that are still being utilized. With the assistance of a capable MPS company like the author of print management solution Oklahoma area companies recommend, you will be able to determine which devices are outdated, underutilized, and consuming more (in terms of energy, space and consumables) while producing less. They can help you decide which equipment to eliminate or replace.

When purging less productive devices, you’ll probably need to buy new ones. If you think that it is an unnecessary investment, think again. Buying the right printers at the right time is actually your first step to save money on printing costs. Moreover, aside from reducing your electric bills, modern high-quality printers can now be utilized to print your marketing materials. These printers can actually eliminate outsourced printing and shipping costs for your posters and in-house brochures.

3. Protection against Data Breaches

You may not know it, but like computers, printers can be hacked. Your printers could be printing hundreds or even thousands of pages of sensitive information on a daily basis. What do you think would happen if that sensitive data got into the wrong hands?

Many business managers are not aware that printers need to be updated regularly with important security features. This will protect the device from criminals who want to gain access to your company’s hard drives and steal important business data. Once they succeed, they can demand payment in exchange for the information they stole from your company.

Aside from being used as a means to get to your hard drives, hackers can also use your printers to host malicious files that are designed to steal important information or trigger system failure and cause operational breakdown. This is a common modus operandi hackers use to extort money from legitimate businesses.

4. Reduction of Printing Cost through Document Digitization

When you conduct an audit of your company’s printing system, you should also determine which of your reports need physical filing and which can be digitized. Eliminating printed output of some files can certainly help to save you money on man-hours, energy, and consumables such as paper and ink.

These are the four most effective ways an efficient provider of managed print services can help you to cut printing costs. While there are other methods to minimize printing expenses, such as changing the printing habits of staff, those can only depend on each individual’s willingness to cooperate. Besides, the results of such approaches can be inconsistent.

The best way to harness the full potential of your printing system is to hire a competent and experienced provider of print management solutions.

For a majority of businesses, printing cost is an expense, but many of them simply look in the other direction. It would be a bit late for those companies if they ever realize that the cost of excessive printing has been eating up their company’s resources.  As a business owner or manager, you must minimize it by all means.

One of the most practical ways to keep printing expenses down is to optimize the performance of printing devices and implement a flawless print management solution from a provider of effective managed print services. Make it happen to your company and be amazed with the results. All you need to do is contact us for details of what OneDoc Managed Print Services™ can offer to maximize the potential of your printing system.