Managed print services have proven to be a worthwhile investment for businesses when it comes to increasing business efficiency and minimizing equipment downtime. It’s the right office technology that helps speed up processes in the workplace and meet the security needs of the company. A managed print services company will help you save space, time, and money by managing your print fleet in a consolidated way.

To further drive home the point on how consolidated print fleets can help businesses, here are five benefits that they offer.

Easier print management

You will eradicate costs associated with printing by working with a managed print service provider, who will simplify all the activities connected with printer and copier management. They will take care of everything from toner order to machine servicing and will also ensure that all the printers are in good condition. When it comes to repairs, service, and supplies, consolidated print fleets make all of this much easier to manage.

Easily tracks printing usage

It is very difficult to keep track of printing costs and usage for multiple printers, scattered across the workplace. When you consolidate your print fleet, it becomes easy to track how much paper is being used by the company. Knowing the amount of printing that’s being done in the office will allow you to easily determine how much printing supplies need to be ordered.

Secure printing

Printers are usually the target of hackers when it comes to stealing data from a company. Having consolidated printing in the office will mean that all your printers are centrally located, which means that they can be accessed by the MPS company for security purposes.

Employee time and office space savings

Since consolidated print fleets make for easier and more efficient use of printers, it will free up the time of employees who would otherwise spend a lot of time waiting in line to use the printer. This consolidated approach can also improve office space by ensuring that printers are centrally located, thus saving floor space which is usually taken up by multiple printers.

Enhanced business continuity

Downtimes caused by equipment failure can be disastrous for any company. When you have consolidated print fleets, your employees will never need to worry about printer downtime since it can be easily repaired by the managed print services company. You will have peace of mind with the proactive maintenance that professional technicians will perform even before any problems arise. This ensures that business operations are never disrupted, allowing for improved continuity.

The bottom line

Deciding on the technology you need in the office is a big decision, but it can pay off in the long run when you have a consolidated print fleet. Companies that have consolidated their printing fleet can take advantage of all these benefits, which is why they are the smart business choice when it comes to office technology. Find a managed print service provider to further discuss how they can help your business in a centralizing and consolidating print fleet.