Printer jams often come at the worst of times.  For industries that rely heavily on a printer’s services to fulfill their duties, business tools must continually be operational.

The thing is, no one at the office has the time to keep the entire printing infrastructure running optimally.  That’s where managed print services come in.  A managed print services company can relieve clients of the hassles of day-to-day print and copy support.  They can also make supplies fulfillment automatic while reducing costs, and lastly, they can also manage the fleet of printers and continue to analyze for reduction and optimization.

Any industry can benefit from an MPS provider’s services.  That said, here are five industries that can elevate their business process even more by employing a managed print services company:

1. Legal

Law firms deal with sensitive data every day.  That’s why, aside from the given benefits of MPS, companies in the legal industry can certainly make use of legal managed print services.  This advantage can help them in tracking everything that gets printed and, at the same time, securing them with advanced security solutions like two-factor authentication, and encryption. 

2. Healthcare

Hospital staff already have their hands full enough without thinking about even small printer management tasks like replacing a toner.

Managed print services providers will take care not just of the replacement of printer supplies or maintaining equipment. They’ll also handle regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA regulations.  Healthcare workers will have more time to focus on what matters most – saving lives.

3. Auto Dealership

Car dealerships will always be dealing with physical documents.  For every sale, a contract must be drawn up and signed in physical form only.

This industry could also enjoy increased security measures when dealing with sensitive documents.  Partnering with an MPS can help sales agents stay organized and, at the same time, cut down costs on supplies and repairs.

4. Educational Institutions

This should be obvious already. A school approximately spends $7,500 per year on printing, and that’s not counting the paper, which could go up to $25,000.  Educational professionals, especially teachers, usually experience the brunt of the problem when operating the machines.  This results in unnecessary work interruptions.

One common cause of printer issues in schools is compatibility, especially if the school’s purchaser bought printers from different manufacturers.  Managed print services providers instantly get rid of these problems in addition to tracking printing expenses to help school administrators make better budgeting decisions.

5. Financial

More than involving high volume printing every day, financial companies prioritize keeping their customers’ private information secure.  Major data breaches are always the biggest fears of financial institutions as it should because housing a lot of sensitive data makes them the perfect target for hackers.

Though these companies utilize the most advanced security protocols, they usually forget to protect printers and copiers that are nowadays considered smart devices because of their technical advancements.  This makes these devices prone to hacking.  MPS companies are experts in keeping printers and copiers secure, so financial institutions can sleep at night knowing that their sensitive documents are safe.


Any industry can benefit from Utilizing a managed print services company.  A business has tons more critical things to take care of than its printing infrastructure.  Let the experts take that burden off of you.

If you want to remove the hassles of day to day printing, especially if your business belongs to any of the industries listed above, call OneDOC MPSOK today at 1.844.633.3050 (National Toll-Free) or email