Many businesses today are choosing managed print services to be more efficient in business operations. It allows businesses to cut supply costs, simplify workflows, improve security, and keep up with the high-volume printing needs in the office. With the explosion of multi-function and multi-feature business printers today, it can be quite a challenge to choose which ones are the best.

What features should you look out for in a printer for managed print services?

There are a multitude of printer options in terms of design, volume, feature set, and capacity. With new developments in technology, many printers today have more improved features such as energy-saving, multifunctioning, and compact design. Nonetheless, here are the most important features you need to look for in a printer.

  • Mobile printing

The most basic feature that you should look out for is mobile printing. You should be able to print remotely from any device and off-site location. That way, even if employees are not in the office, they can save some time to print important paperwork. This could provide a lot of improvements in your office operations.

  • Speed

If your business has to deal with high volume printing, you want a printer that can deliver this basic requirement. Look for the Print Speed specifications of the model and determine if it is compatible with your printing needs.

  • User-friendly

Printers nowadays are easier to set up compared to old models, but it is still important to find a printer that is easy to operate even to those who are not tech-savvy. You want printers that are not complicated and can be maximized to its full potential.

  • Compatibility

A printer that’s perfect for managed print services should be compatible with all machines and devices in your office. You can check this by reading the compatibility details of the printer model.

  • Networking Capability

This feature refers to the ability of a printer to connect your office’s existing networks and perform remote printing.

  • Price

Price is an important deciding factor when purchasing a printer not just in terms of initial costs. You should also consider future repair and downtime costs. It makes more economical sense to choose a machine that can offer big savings for long-term use.

One of the authorities in managed print services is xerox managed print services. Xerox printers are high-quality and are number one when it comes to functionality, efficiency, speed, and dependability.

Here are the five latest Xerox printers that are perfect for managed print services:

1. Xerox B210 Printer

Xerox recently released three new series of affordable compact and multifunction printers with mobile printing and Wi-Fi Direct technology. One of them is the Xerox B210 Printer. Its important feature includes:

  • Black and white printer with support for Legal/Letter
  • Up to 30 pages per minute high speed printing
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Best for small work terms of up to 5 users
  • Compact footprint
  • Printer duty cycle of up to 30,000 images per month
  • Printing volume per month of up to 4000 pages
  • Mobile print connectivity
  • High-resolution image quality

2. Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer

Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer is also one of the newly-released affordable and compact multifunction printers. Its important features include:

  • Black and white multifunction printer with support for Legal/Letter
  • Copy, scan, print, email
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and High-Speed USB connectivity
  • Compact footprint
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Best for small work terms of up to 5 users
  • 30 pages per minute fast printing speed
  • Up to 2,500 pages per month of print volume
  • Monthly print duty cycle of up to 30,000 images
  • Mobile print functionality
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi scan resolution
  • Printer copy resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Enhanced image quality resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi

3. Xerox B215 Multifunction Printer

Xerox B215 Multifunction Printer is an affordable and compact and multifunction printer that is designed for small office mobility without compromising security and image quality. Here are its main features:

  • Black and white multifunction printer with support for Legal/Letter
  • Copy, scan, print, fax, and email
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and High-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity
  • 5” color touch screen user interface
  • Best for small work terms of up to 5 users
  • 30 pages per minute print speed
  • 3,000 pages monthly print volume
  • Printing duty cycle of up to 30,000 images per month
  • Mobile printing ability
  • 1200 dpi enhance print resolution
  • 600 x 600 dpi copy resolution
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi scan resolution

4. VersaLink C8000

VersaLink C8000 is what you consider as an ideal printer for mid-sized workgroups. It’s important features include:

  • Color printer with support for A3 and banners
  • Cloud and print functions
  • Xerox ConnectKey technology-enabled
  • Color and black printing speed of up to 45 pages per minute
  • Up to 20,000 pages per month volume of print
  • Printer duty cycle of up to 205,000 images per month
  • 5,140 maximum sheet paper capacity
  • Mobile printing capabilities
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

5. VersaLink C9000

VersaLink C9000 is a Xerox ConnectKet technology-enabled smart Workplace Assistant printer that is ideal for color professionals and graphic artists who need outstanding color output. Its primary attributes include:

  • Color printer with support for A3 and banners
  • Advanced color management capabilities
  • Mobile printing capability
  • Multi-finishing options
  • High-speed printing with speed up to 55 pages per minute for color and black
  • Print volume of up to 30,000 pages monthly
  • Printing duty cycle of up to 270,000 images monthly
  • 5,140 sheets maximum paper capacity
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

Why choose xerox managed print services?

It may take some time to find the best printing provider that best suits your needs, but you must learn the features of various printer models and evaluate your office needs before making a decision. When it comes to printing needs, xerox managed print solutions are an authority in the industry. They have a proven track record of high-quality service and products. Xerox printers also have easy to integrate hardware into existing frameworks and software. On top of that, they are one of the top brands in speed, functionality, dependability, efficiency, and affordability. If you want hassle-free printing solutions, choose xerox managed print solutions.