Managed document services in New York have been saving corporations on printing costs for a while now. By using a single managed service to consolidate office-wide printing, businesses are econo

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mizing on their printing costs and gaining additional benefits such as disaster recovery and data security.

Managed print services in New York centralize control of document storage and creation, optimizing documents for business purposes and actively managing document output. Print management can include a variety of processes and software including scanning and scan routing software, discovery and design software, device management, and software to manage user authentication and print volume. A lot of the money saved by managed print services comes from changing paper documents into digital files for easy archiving and distribution.

On average, a typical office worker spends around $725 on office printing in a year. How many office workers does your corporation have? You can see how quickly that adds up. Managed print services in New York can cut your costs by 30 percent and cut carbon emissions caused by office printing by 60 percent, so you’ll be saving the environment as well as your budget. Take a look at these five important ways a managed print company can save your business money.

Reducing Paper Waste

Recent studies show that around 50 percent of generated office paperwork is never read. By using a managed print service, you’ll eliminate wasted paper by encouraging employees to print only what’s necessary and make more efficient use of your paper through two-sided printouts.

Running Fewer Printers

You can centralize print services to one location rather than having separate printers for each department. By doing so, you’ll require fewer printers to support the office and lower your maintenance and operating costs.

Requiring Fewer Supplies

With fewer printers, you’ll require fewer supplies, so you’ll save money on toner, ink, and other consumables.

Improving Employee Efficiency

You’d be surprised to learn how much time workers spend loading paper into a printer, clearing paper jams, printing documents, picking them up from the printer, and circulating those documents. By taking responsibility for those issues, managed document services in New York can ensure you’re paying your employees for actual work, not fighting with the equipment.

Providing Better Equipment Maintenance

When you outsource your printing services, your equipment will receive maintenance on a regular basis. Plus, your IT department will be thankful it’s no longer their problem.

Offices cut costs using managed print services in many ways. These are only the tip of the iceberg. To best determine how much your company can save, you should schedule an audit. By assessing your current printing infrastructure, you can identify areas where centralized printing and outsourcing can save you money. The results might surprise you.

Choosing a managed print services company can be difficult, but OneDOC has your back. We help streamline your print process, so your company money goes towards the important things. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.