A Xerox multifunction printer is a multifunction device that carries the consolidated functionality of a printer, copier, fax and scanner into a single machine. Multifunction devices are commonly used by budget and space conscious users for three good reasons: They are less costly compared to buying three or four separate devices, they work to conserve office space, and they consume less energy. 

Any business wants their print environment to keep up with their unique demands. For this reason, it’s imperative for you to conduct a review of the performance and capabilities of your existing office devices. This will allow you to get a clearer idea whether or not your multifunction office devices are satisfactorily delivering their full potential in your office.

In order to be sure that your multifunction printers are ready to deliver their full capabilities in 2020 take advantage of Xerox managed print services. Here are several things MPS can do to streamline your printing processes

1. Audit your printing and copying requirements

You will have no way of knowing if your print infrastructure is delivering its full potential or not unless you know what you want it to accomplish. To get a realistic idea of your requirements, you should have a good understanding of these things:

  • The volume of your daily document printing, copying, and scanning, and sending of emails and fax messages
  • The number of users sharing the device
  • Your need for remote printing

If you find that your present print environment has the capability to satisfy the present printing and copying requirements of your business, you may leave it as it is. But if you realize that your printers aren’t able to complete the required tasks at the expected time, you should buy an additional Xerox multifunction printer that can successfully deliver the required output.

2. Connect your printer to your existing network

Xerox multifunction printers are flexible office devices that can integrate easily with an existing network. This will allow more users to utilize the printers capability and maximize its usability.

3. Master its operation

All Xerox multifunction printers are user-friendly devices. They are easy to use. However, there are certain things that you need to learn to maximize their potential. That said, you must master the operation of your unit by reading its user manual or consulting with your Xerox MPS representative. This will help you learn the full potential of the multifunction device you have in your office.

4. Learn your printer’s multitasking abilities

Making a multifunction printer run is not a difficult task, but mastering its operation is a different story. Even if you know how to run a printer by using common sense, it is always good to learn its intricacies because it can allow you to maximize your printer’s capabilities.

5. Security and Confidentiality

Sensitive company information can be stolen or obtained from modern printing devices such as multifunction printers. Protect the interests of your business by making sure that these are safeguarded. Xerox MPS can help implement this process seamlessly into your existing multifunction printer network.

Xerox multifunction printers are the perfect office device if you want a balance of functionality and value in your print environment. They are a cost effective solution recommended by Xerox managed print services.