In a typical HR setting, its staff is focused on doing routine and repetitive tasks, as it is not the department’s main function to formulate strategies to improve the company’s processes.

While it is not directly responsible for things like streamlining business methods and activities, the department itself is directly responsible for improving its own set of procedures for the benefit of the entire organization. One of the ways to make it happen is to implement HR automation.

What is HR Automation?

HR automation refers to the process of enhancing the speed and performance of your company’s HR department with the use of software. This will automate repetitive and time-consuming activities including timekeeping, benefits administration, onboarding, and in some cases, payroll. 

Automation sets your HR staff from repetitive manual tasks, improves the department’s efficiency, and reduces the possibility for human error. It also gives them time to focus on other important matters that need HR intervention and solution. Automation can help improve your company’s chances for growth.

Through HR automation, your human resource department will be able to simplify and speed up their time-consuming tasks. Make it possible in your company with the help of print fleet management experts from OneDoc and eliminate tasks that consume 73.2% of HR’s time.

Here are some of the most common HR tasks that can be automated:

Managing Documents – Through automation, your HR department will be able to import HR documents into a single storage that is accessible to all authorized personnel. Your HR department is one of the biggest dependents of paperwork. Use HR automation software to manage it effectively.

Storing HR Files – Aside from its ability to manage documents, an HR automation software can also store files in a centralized repository which can be easily shared to authorized users on multiple devices. 

Archiving Records – HR automation is a great way to safely store old records like masterfiles, monthly or quarterly social security remittance reports, and other important documents. By saving digital copies of your HR files and documents, you eliminate the need for cardboard boxes and filing cabinets to store your files. You can save money and space in the process.

HR Audits – HR automation can help to simplify your HR audits. The software makes it easier for the auditing team to gather and share information than delving through a pile of printed reports and records.


HR automation gives you the ability to create, collect and update data. It allows you to create different workflows based on the role and need of each member of your HR team. It can streamline HR processes effectively and helps your HR staff spot any data that doesn’t conform to the normal flow of your HR information. 


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The Benefits of HR Automation

On top of streamlined and efficient HR work processes, HR automation can also bring benefits to your business. These are:

Increased Efficiency

In the absence of automation, most if not all of your HR staff spend long hours checking time-log spreadsheets, calculating payroll, and other repetitive tasks. These are major productivity killers which ironically is supposed to be HR’s main concern. Automate these processes and see a big improvement in your HR’s productivity.

Reduced Errors

Allowing a computer to do the calculating and updating by means of a predetermined set of instructions does help to reduce the risk of human errors and prevent data loss.

Better Experience for Job Candidates

Automating the recruitment process by way of an applicant tracking software can easily let job candidates know of the status of their application. Should applicants choose to call, HR will still be ready because they have all the information in one place.

Improved Employee Experience

It is not unusual for a growing company to have more employees seeking HR assistance, with each of them having a different concern. You can minimize this problem with HR automation because it can allow employees to do certain HR activities by themselves. 

Bring agility, efficiency and productivity right into your HR department and let its people practice what they preach. Implement HR automation with expert professional assistance from a competent print fleet management team like OneDoc. We can help to make you see a big difference in your business.


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