Employee productivity has definitely increased and improved greatly through the years thanks to technology and to one of the most valuable assets in the workplace – the office copy machine. Through the years, copiers and printers have merged into multi-feature, multi-function machines that simplify workflows, cut supply costs and make processes faster and more efficient. These advanced office copy machines don’t just copy and print files but can also scan and fax documents direct to email, USBs and even secure cloud-based applications in every employee’s computer, laptop or mobile device.

Finding the right multifunction copy machine that will meet your company’s printing needs can be overwhelming. There are just so many options, models, accessories that are available for purchase or even lease. Before choosing a copier, here are some factors and features to consider: monochrome or colored printing, size of the office space, budget, printing quality, paper capacity, paper sizes, types of ink and toner, and of course, availability of maintenance and service. 

Choosing a copier may take some time but ultimately your choice needs to suit your business’ needs and requirements. You can’t go wrong with the most reliable and trusted brands. Here are the best office copiers in the market. 

Brother Printers & All-In-Ones 

Brother is one of the industry’s most trusted brands with a reputation for impeccable device quality, technological advancement, and cost efficiency. They offer numerous printing options through a wide range of reliable and versatile business printers, multifunction units, and scanners. Designed for businesses of all sizes, Brother’s Workhorse Series consists of advanced business machines that feature wireless networking, higher print volumes, and large paper capacity for medium to large-sized enterprises.

HP Printers and Copiers 

HP provides high-performance and high quality printers and products that are considered the best in the market. HP’s affordable multifunctional copiers are popular because they come in a variety of configurations and have one of the best touchscreen interfaces compared to other brands. Aside from carrying excellent products, HP focuses on creating affordable and functional technology that is accessible to everyone. 

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is one of the biggest multifunction printer companies known for their high standards and award-winning product lines. They offer customizable user experience, intuitive user interface and intelligent printers and copiers best suited for your business needs. Their fast, cost-efficient networkable printers can help improve output and productivity even with an increasing workload.


Xerox products are recognized as the highest when it comes to excellence, performance, and efficiency. Their extensive range of products include color, monochrome, multifunction printers and all-in-one copiers that help streamline efficiencies and reduce costs in your company. Xerox is number one in dependability, functionality, efficiency and speed.


If you are looking for the ultimate office copy machine for your business or need help selecting among the best office copiers available, OneDOC Managed Print Services offers you the support you need to choose the right copier.

Whether you are an educational institution, financial office, legal firm or a medium or large enterprise from the manufacturing or production industry, we have a wide fleet of top-of-the-line copiers to offer you. Set up an appointment to review your business needs by calling us at 1.844.633.3050 toll free or emailing us at onedoc@mpsok.com