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Why OneDoc Managed Print Services Supports Konica Minolta Printing Solutions

Every company needs to print files and documents. Printing is an integral part of business’ operations. The printing process is a cost, yet it also represents the image of your company to the world, especially your customers and prospects. For this reason, you should find ways to make sure that your documents are produced with [...]

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The Future of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services is essentially putting a system in place to ensure that your printing fleet is fully optimized in all aspects of your printing operations. To enjoy the full benefits of MPS, businesses and organizations are outsourcing the service that results in, among other things, automatic supply fulfilment, pro-active management, and business process simplification [...]

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Managed Print Services for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you probably have hundreds of tasks and responsibilities to prioritize. Just like any business, problems will most likely arise, especially when it comes to documents and print materials. Print management solutions allow any small business owner to free up more time to focus instead on their core work. Printing concerns [...]

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How Managed Print Services Add Value to Your Business

The economic climate in the world today is increasingly demanding business managers to find methods that can add value to their enterprise. Overheads like printing costs for example play a huge part in reducing your revenues and should therefore be limited to the least possible amount. Document printing can represent between one and three percent [...]

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Practical Ways to Stop Outsourcing Without Sacrificing Quality

Printing is a normal routine for most businesses regardless of size although a lot of them rely on print shops for high-volume or high-quality projects such as brochures, photos, and pre-addressed envelopes. The primary objective of outsourcing printing jobs is to increase efficiency and lower costs. But in most cases, the cost goes higher than [...]

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Managed Print Services – How It Helps to Cut Costs for Your Business

The costs relative to your company’s document printing jobs can stand between 1% and 10% of your total revenue. If you implement a print strategy that can monitor and manage your printing and document management systems, your business can garner a savings of up to 30% from your usual printing costs. Managed print services is [...]

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How Managed Print Services Support the Green Initiative

If your business relies a lot on printing and physical documents, then it’s likely that hiring the services of a managed print solutions company will benefit you greatly. Aside from that, MPS print services will take the brunt of print-related work off your hands and lets you focus more on the things that matter. With [...]

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Why Choose Managed Print Services?

All companies have a fleet of copiers, multi-function printers, laser printers and scanners spread out across the office and utilized by various departments for various purposes. According to an article in BizTech Magazine, Valerie Alde-Hayman, an analyst with Gap Intelligence, mentioned that organizations before were focused on device “feeds and speeds” but now are more [...]

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Managed Print Solutions – Printing for Less Without Sacrificing Quality

Printing is a normal part of the daily routine of almost all offices, with many of them relying on print shops for big printing projects. While such companies do this to ensure quality output and avoid investing in advanced printing devices, outsourcing printing jobs can be costlier than printing in-house. As a matter of fact, [...]

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5 Important Elements of an Excellent Managed Print Services Provider

According to the Gartner Group, an estimated 3% of the total yearly revenue of a majority of businesses is spent on document generation. This goes to show that despite the growing popularity of paperless systems, printing documents is still actively practiced by many if not all business organizations. Despite the glaring fact that printing does [...]

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