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OneDOC Recognized as Industry Leader, Third Year In a Row

Based on demonstrated thought leadership and execution of best practices, Photizo Group, the global transformation experts, have selected 13 independent, managed print services channel partners who were determined to be among the best in the world. Each partner program was thoroughly examined, and aggregate results are indexed to serve as a tangible set of benchmarks. [...]

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OneDOC Managed Print Services Earns CompTIA MPS Trustmark Certification

OneDOC has achieved one of the highest level of MPS certifications - earning the CompTIA MPS Trustmark. A CompTIA Trustmark is a business credential that serves as an industry standard, validating the professional support and procedures that IT solution providers follow with their clients. The Trustmark is a vendor neutral designation designed to qualify and [...]

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Kevin Morris Recognized as a Difference Maker

This month ENX magazine is celebrating the Difference Makers from the Document Imaging community. These people represent all corners of the industry, from the OEMs, to services and solutions providers, to supplies folks, to analysts, to social media mavens, to speakers, and bloggers and writers. Every industry has its influencers, setting examples by doing what comes naturally. [...]

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Managed Print Services: It’s not Rocket Surgery or Brain Science

One of my sales managers left me with some great advice. As I was describing one of my opportunities to him, the software, scanning, optical character recognition, meta-data and the like, he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Greg, sometimes we make this way more confusing than it should be. We’re just selling copiers…" At first, [...]

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Managed Print Services from a Copier Dealer

Managed Print Services - Your declining use of paper and copier sales. According to industry studies, the number of copies made and prints generated has been declining for years. The latest InfoTrends study predicts a 5% drop in all segments of out-put devices through 2018. Are you seeing this in your office? Some believe that managed print services engagements are responsible [...]

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3 Managed Print Services Considerations

A well-run managed print services program will save you time and money.  The mantra in the print management industry has always been, “You can save up to 30% in printing costs with a managed print services program.” But is this a fact or opinion?  The answer is that it depends.  Sometimes, the savings can be MORE than 30% but achieving a [...]

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Is your MPS provider driven by equipment sales?

Equipment quotas make the world go around. Dealers, retailers, and resellers work within the parameters of specified equipment sales targets. How has this model affected the customer’s experience? Think about year-end specials - does that sales rep have your best interests at heart, or his yearly quota? How does this mentality fit into a ’business solution’? [...]

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OneDOC’s Managed Print Services Model

Kevin Morris, CEO at OneDOC Managed Print Services, is passionate about many things: Oklahoma football, great wine, excellent food and managed print services.  Quick to give a sincere smile, a firm handshake and a story or two, it’s evident Kevin’s success has a lot to do with his personality. But there’s more.Maybe its because Kevin has been in [...]

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