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5 Benefits of a Consolidated Print Fleet

Managed print services have proven to be a worthwhile investment for businesses when it comes to increasing business efficiency and minimizing equipment downtime. It's the right office technology that helps speed up processes in the workplace and meet the security needs of the company. A managed print services company will help you save space, time, [...]

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Cybersecurity best practices are important to every company, but it’s especially critical for small and medium-sized businesses. Why? For one, they have fewer resources and personnel than larger firms. As a result, their cybersecurity risks may be higher because of the lack of oversight. Small business owners should take steps to protect themselves against cyberattacks [...]

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Fraud Prevention Tips for SME Businesses

Whether you own a big business or a small enterprise, fraud management is very crucial as it can make or break you. If you’re needing help from the government, there are certain ways where you can reach the authorities. When we talk of fraud management, it requires the implementation of various strategies to ensure that [...]

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How Copiers and Printers Can Improve Work Productivity?

Having the appropriate tools for the job increases productivity and efficiency, no matter what sector you work in. This is especially true when it comes to business equipment such as printers and copiers. We use copiers and printers daily in our business operations. Without these machines, having documents printed out would be much more time-consuming [...]

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5 Things to Ask Yourself before going to Managed Print Services

Setting up a business requires a lot of planning from setting up the business organization down to the production and marketing. Nowadays, in order to compete in your chosen industry, you need to have a strong marketing strategy and part of having good marketing is choosing the things and design in your brand or product. [...]

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10 Office Copier Features That Will Save You a Ton of Money and Time

A copier machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a business. They are not only used for printing, but they can also be used in almost everything in the office - copying, scanning, faxing, and even emailing files. In many organizations, copiers are often considered a precious investment as they can [...]

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Buying or Leasing a Copier: Which Option is Best for You?

Copiers are one of the most essential business tools for productivity in any organization. Copiers allow you to copy, scan records, and print documents for presentations quickly. So, when your organization needs one, it can be a daunting idea whether to buy or lease a copier. It involves asking yourself the right questions among other [...]

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How the Hospitality Industry Benefits from Managed Print Services

In the hospitality industry, guests come first, and business owners are always looking for ways to improve their customer's experience. And this is what managed print services (MPS) is all about. One of the many ways it helps the industry is that it allows hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in this sector to focus on [...]

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Benefits HR Automation Can Give to Add Value to Your Business

In a typical HR setting, its staff is focused on doing routine and repetitive tasks, as it is not the department’s main function to formulate strategies to improve the company’s processes. While it is not directly responsible for things like streamlining business methods and activities, the department itself is directly responsible for improving its own [...]

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Wide Format Printer/Scanner for Your Business

Finding the right wide format printer or scanner for your business can be a daunting task. There are many options to choose from, and all of them will have different strengths and weaknesses. Many different models are perfect for drawings, posters, signs, engineering documents, photography, and other wide-format graphics. Knowing that there are many options [...]

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