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Signs that Your Office is Ready to Go Paperless

Documents play an important role in the operation of any business and going paperless can be a difficult objective. The question is: Can an office really achieve going absolutely paperless? The hard answer is a big NO, but you can reduce your paper usage to achieve these objectives: Stop office congestion - Lots of weekly, [...]

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How Managed Print Services Benefits the Legal Industry

A majority of activities in the legal industry involve the use of printed documents. The printing of contracts, deeds, litigation, agreements, leases and more all take place in a law office. With that said, it is only practical for law offices to take time to evaluate their printing activities. According to research, the average law [...]

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5 Ways MPS Can Improve Your Xerox Multifunction Printer

A Xerox multifunction printer is a multifunction device that carries the consolidated functionality of a printer, copier, fax and scanner into a single machine. Multifunction devices are commonly used by budget and space conscious users for three good reasons: They are less costly compared to buying three or four separate devices, they work to conserve [...]

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Brother’s Top 5 All-In-One Printers for Your Company in 2020

All-in-one printers, which are the trend in today’s office systems, may look small but they are powerful. Multifunction printers can print, photocopy, send and receive fax messages and scan images. While they have pros and cons just like any other device or system, all-in-one printers are the most widely used office printing equipment today. As [...]

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The Best Office Printers for 2020 from Hewlett Packard

Most businesses today have realized the costs associated with printing. The fact that a business could lose up to 3% of its revenues to unnecessary printing is a point of concern. It is one of the reasons why print management systems and managed print services are embraced by businesses today. Even trusted manufacturers of modern [...]

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How Managed Print Solutions Work to Cut Business Costs

Many business operators are already aware that managed print services have helped lots of companies since its advent in the business world. Because it is designed to streamline the operations of the printing infrastructure of business, government and civic organization, MPS has been proven to deliver these benefits: Provide consolidated office-wide printingIt is an effective [...]

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The Five Best Multifunction Printers and Copiers for the 2020 from Xerox Corp.

If you run a business in this day and age, you need the power technology in order to keep up with the daily operational needs of your enterprise. One of those needs happens to be printing and copying because these are an everyday affair in any office. An efficient print environment is an indispensable component [...]

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Why OneDoc Managed Print Services Supports Konica Minolta Printing Solutions

Every company needs to print files and documents. Printing is an integral part of business’ operations. The printing process is a cost, yet it also represents the image of your company to the world, especially your customers and prospects. For this reason, you should find ways to make sure that your documents are produced with [...]

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The Future of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services is essentially putting a system in place to ensure that your printing fleet is fully optimized in all aspects of your printing operations. To enjoy the full benefits of MPS, businesses and organizations are outsourcing the service that results in, among other things, automatic supply fulfilment, pro-active management, and business process simplification [...]

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Managed Print Services for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you probably have hundreds of tasks and responsibilities to prioritize. Just like any business, problems will most likely arise, especially when it comes to documents and print materials. Print management solutions allow any small business owner to free up more time to focus instead on their core work. Printing concerns [...]

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