Managed Print Services (MPS) is really not a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf acquisition.

In actuality, each firm with which Marco works has a unique set of services tailored to their individual demands and commercial objectives.

We’ve detailed the few things we evaluate as we get to know a potential customer’s business in this blog. The answers to the following questions will help you determine whether MPS is a suitable fit for your company. 

Do you have a total of five or more printers?

Companies with less than two printers often have a harder difficulty getting a return on investment from Managed Print Services than those with bigger fleets.

Managing one or two printers is often a chore that can be done internally, but this isn’t always the case. Even a print environment with only a few devices can profit from MPS, depending on the conditions.

Even so, firms with 10, 50, or 200 printers find maintaining their print environments to be time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive.

A Managed Print Service Companies can manage and monitor all of your printers, as well as send toner automatically and give help desk support.

You have a team of specialists available to assist you if something goes wrong or if issues arise. And, in many cases, this team of specialists can figure out what’s wrong and repair it before anybody else in your company even recognizes there’s a problem.

Do you have a history of outsourcing support in your company?

In today’s corporate environment, outsourcing is becoming much more common, yet it still takes some getting used to.

You’re effectively depending on external professionals to address problems within your business when you outsource assistance, whether it’s for your printers or other goods or services.

It takes time to figure out when to engage these specialists, how much you can rely on their services, and create trust and rapport. Excellent and experienced providers will make this a positive experience for everyone involved.

The first changeover phase might be difficult for employees who aren’t used to using outsourced help.

They’ll have to get used to not always having someone around in the office to assist them, and instead learn to rely on the specialists who are only a phone call away.

Do you use a managed print service right now?

If you answer “No,” you may easily set up Managed Print Services and contact the premier managed print services consulting in your area. 

You may be left with just two alternatives if you choose a Managed Print Services solution: wait out the contract or pay to quit early. Both solutions are expensive in their own way, and you must choose the best option depending on the total cost and value of your present services vs. new ones.

Calculate the price of terminating your existing contract and sticking with your current supplier. Consider how much your present supplier is costing your company in terms of productivity if they aren’t giving the kind of service you wanted and deserved. 


Managed Print Services is a suitable fit for your company if you answered yes.

This checklist is only a starting point for our evaluations; if you’d like an expert to take a deeper look at your company’s print demands and environment, contact us now to schedule an appointment.

We are your go-to managed print services consulting firm that will undoubtedly assist you and make your job lighter.