Almost all businesses require printing services to function effectively. Choosing options for printing is challenging because you have to make sure that your provider complements the company’s needs, contributes to employee productivity and also reduces overall costs. If your organization’s current printers are disrupting workflow, causing bottlenecks and taking too much time for repairs and troubleshooting, maybe it’s time to consider hiring a Managed Print Services company.

Managed Print Services is a partnership with an external provider who will manage all aspects of your business printing needs including devices such as printers, scanners, and copiers. The objective of Managed Print Services is to optimize your company’s document needs so employees in the organization spend less time managing documents and more time on core business operations.

In order to reap the full benefits of hiring a managed print services company, here are 4 helpful tips:

1. Choose a provider with a proven track record.

The best option is to choose Managed Print Services by Xerox, an industry leader with a proven track record and experience in delivering print solutions. Not only is the company known for high-quality products but above-standard service as well. Not only are Xerox products high quality, but the range of products that they offer is extensive. Whether you are looking for color, monochrome, multifunction printers or all-in-one they have it all. Xerox is number one in dependability, functionality, efficiency and speed.

2. Find a provider that offers customized solutions tailor-fit for your organization.

Managed Print Services is not one size fits all. Your provider needs to give an initial analysis and assessment of your printing needs, requirements and operations in order to recommend improvements, integrate the hardware into existing software and streamline your print-related workflow.

3. Ask your provider for printing solutions that integrate with current IT infrastructure

If you have numerous employees connected to the print network and other devices, your partner Managed Print Services company needs to propose solutions that allows total integration to the existing IT infrastructure across the whole organization.

4. Look for a provider that prioritizes security

Printers and other systems are one of the main sources when it comes to leakage of confidential information. Your Managed Print Services provider will be able to suggest other complementary solutions like data encryptions, user authentication, and password protection to make sure your devices and the data passing through them are secure.

When choosing a provider, opt for the best in the business. OneDOC offers Managed Xerox Print Services to ensure our clients receive the best service in the market. For more than a decade OneDOC Managed Print Services has served the needs of businesses, both large and small through national sales and service coverage, automatic supplies fulfillment, proactive monitoring of machine usage and fleet reduction/optimization.

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