While you used to have to buy a separate copier and printer for your business, technology today means most printers are digital and multifunctional. Whether you need to scan, fax, print, copy or download, they have you covered. Advanced copiers can also make three-hole punches and duplex copies as well as store account codes. So, how do you know what Xerox copiers in Oklahoma are best for your business? Follow these tips and judge for yourself based on your budget, amount of space and current needs.

Office Copiers

For a multi-person office, you often need a freestanding or large tabletop size copier. Your printer can be networked into printing, faxing and scanning capabilities with several sizes of paper available. You’ll pay more for a large copier than a desktop printer, but it will hold up better for your office needs.

Small Office Copiers

Your small or home office may not need a full-size copy machine. Instead, you could get by with a desktop printer to conserve space. Remember not to base your judgment on price alone. Cheap printers won’t hold up to the pace of a small business. They’re made for occasional home users. Instead, pick from Xerox printers in the $300 – $700 range.

Production Printers

If your office does high-volume printing with professional graphics or advanced document options, you’d be better off with a production printer. These Xerox copiers offer high resolutions. Color copies give you around 2400 x 1200 dpi and black and white offers 9600 x 600 dpi with 8-bit color depth. You’ll be playing in the big leagues, but it will set you back several thousand dollars.

Compare Features

After you decide what size printer you need, you’ll want to compare features. Xerox is the company behind the very first xerography copier and they continue to be incredibly innovative in today’s market. We at OneDOC can help you choose a copier that will work best for your office needs, but you should have a general knowledge of usage in advance.  For example, do you scan a large volume of documents? Then a document feeder is an absolute must.

Other features you’ll want to look into are print speed, graphics, paper capacity and the cost of ink and toner. By signing up with a print management company such as ours, we can help you cut costs on ink, paper and toner, and assist you in choosing from Xerox printers that will give you the speed and graphics you need. We’ll also help you add security features that could save your business from a breach.

If you’re ready to get a copy machine or multifunctional printer for your business – just follow the above tips and you’re sure to find one that will perform well for you and your employees. If you don’t know exactly what you want, or even if you do, let us help you find a printer that will work best for your company.

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