Most managed print services providers exclaim the value of ‘quarterly business reviews’. The business review is positioned as a chance to analyze your current managed print services program, performance, and metrics. From the copier salesperson’s view, each review is an opportunity to grow sales by suggesting hardware upgrades and early lease termination – they call it ‘increasing share of wallet. (their share of your wallet)

From your point of view, a managed print services business review should be a discussion about the current environment and possible areas for improvement. Indeed, the better reviews follow a set of goals established during the previous meeting.

For example:

• Are you meeting the suggested cost reductions?
• Have you increased your employee to machine ratio?
• Has color usage decreased?

OneDOC’s approach is simple: talk with each client on a regular basis and help them understand each area of possible optimization.

Optimized Fleet
When your MPS provider is actively managing your fleet, many areas of improvement will become apparent over time. Occasionally, your business review will include a recommendation to relocate or retire a device. In the copier model, a sales rep would never suggest the removal of a device without a recommended replacement. Whatever the option, it must include the potential for the incremental increase in contracted volume.

OneDOC on the other hand, takes an alternative approach than other businesses; we take time to understand the changing business environment to help you grow . If a device is underutilized and otherwise ‘healthy’, OneDOC could recommend removing an older device instead of purchasing a replacement.

Pro-Active Monitoring
There is more to copy management then just appliances. Sometimes, your toner is shipped before you think about ordering. Again, OneDOC employs a proven process designed to take the guesswork out of ensuring toner is available. No more scrambling to the store to grab a box of toner.

What’s more, every email submitted on the OneDOC site is immediately seen by more than one OneDOC specialist – around the globe or around the block, OneDOC has you covered. Although the technology makes this easy, proactive monitoring is one component in OneDOC’s sophisticated system.

Business Acumen
Paramount to OneDOC’s client success is our team’s experience in the many types of business models. OneDOC works with clients as colleagues, not revenue streams. A business review with OneDOC includes the basics – toner usage, machine optimization, and service levels. Unlike most managed print services business reviews, OneDOC’s discussion gets into your business processes before and after the printer.
This level of communications is based on a shoulder-to-shoulder relationship, and it is key to the continuous improvement of your print environment.

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