Managed Print Services is essentially putting a system in place to ensure that your printing fleet is fully optimized in all aspects of your printing operations. To enjoy the full benefits of MPS, businesses and organizations are outsourcing the service that results in, among other things, automatic supply fulfilment, pro-active management, and business process simplification and optimization. Imagine the savings and efficiency that Xerox managed print services can bring you!

It has always been a challenge in every company to maximize the productivity of their printing resources and printers of all brands and types. Today, more businesses are acknowledging the importance of MPS providers in ensuring the fleet’s optimal function and efficiency.

MPS Market Growth

Managed Print Services (MPS) are anticipated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from the year 2018-2025, according to an Allied Market Research report. Organizations and companies are continuing to take advantage of the cost-effective printing management. Based on the forecast, aside from print management, document imaging will experience market growth the most due to a demand for analytics and massive data handling in organizations. 

Many huge companies now opt for a greener operation. A well-monitored printing fleet that lets you save on cost and reduces waste, is a promising start.


As technology continues to evolve, MPS providers are expected to deliver improved services. Today, Managed Print Services are designed to ensure processes that fully align with your business objectives. 

One of the main things that MPS needs to cater to is the efficiency and productivity of the whole organization. MPS providers monitor the printing devices and supplies, while also partnering with well-known printing equipment and suppliers such as Xerox for a Xerox MPS program. 

Increased Data Security

Data security has always been a top concern for organizations, especially if they have opted to outsource printing management. Managed Print Services providers are expected to comply with the standards of data protection policy, and integrate security measures into the service. For instance, Xerox managed print services implements protocols such as secure pull-printing and user authentication to protect all data from unauthorized use. 

Value-added Services

Managed print service providers are continuously adding services and technologies that significantly benefit the business. Did you know that there are Xerox MPS programs developing artificial intelligence to provide more accurate and sophisticated documentation outputs? Through the Cloud Computing and Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model, organizations are able to leverage modern technology to improve their business operations through MPS.

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