One of the industries that heavily rely on paper today is the legal industry. Law firms continue to go through large amounts of documents every single day. Because of this, many lawn firms require multi-function printers to ensure that printing, scanning, faxing, and copying high volumes of documents are done efficiently and accurately. Law firms also have specific needs concerning keeping a log of desk work and ensuring their documents stay confidential. After all, printers can be vulnerable to hackers too.

Many of the law firms today are reliant on managed print solutions to meet the printer demands in the office. Multi-function printers feature the best print management solutions for legal work.

Here are some of the ways a multi-function printer benefits your law firm.

Improved Security for Clients

Multifunction printers allow you to easily control who has access to the files and documents that are processed in it. Moreover, employees in law firms can also access the controls in the multifunction printer on their own devices. This allows law firms to have complete control over who can see the confidential data. With this, there is added security that could help law firms protect the sensitive data of their clients.

Less Wait Times

One of the managed print solutions a multifunction printer can offer is to optimize the printing, scanning, faxing, or copying time as much as possible. You can streamline the process of all devices in the office to eliminate the wait times in front of the printer. Since most of the multifunction printers are ergonomically designed to make the user understand the functions quickly, employees can reduce idle time and make the entire workday comfortable and efficient for everyone.

Organized and detailed reporting

Law firms need a complete vision of all the documents they have of their clients. Since multifunction printers allow you to keep detailed reporting and statistics, law firms can use this to paint a clearer vision of what they are trying to achieve. Multifunction printers have functions that allow you to get specific data like the type of print jobs, the average size of print jobs, the number of colored and grayscale pages, and a lot more. All these data can be used to simplify the workflow in the office.

Photo capabilities

Photo capabilities of a printer are rarely taken into consideration, but they can greatly benefit law firms too. Multifunction printers today are designed to have high-quality photo printing on different types of paper!

Easily save and store document data

Multifunction printers can act as your storage for all your documents in the office too. Law firms no longer need to get additional software to save all their scanned documents as multifunction printers can do it – in any format! By simply using the dedicated app for the printer, law forms can have complete control over who can access all those documents afterward.

The Bottom Line

To be competitive in the industry, law firms can’t keep on relying on outdated equipment. Multifunction printers have print management solutions that allow them to stay ahead of the competition.