Having the appropriate tools for the job increases productivity and efficiency, no matter what sector you work in. This is especially true when it comes to business equipment such as printers and copiers. We use copiers and printers daily in our business operations. Without these machines, having documents printed out would be much more time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Printers and copiers have evolved in recent years with the advancement of digital technology, and this has contributed to productivity growth in the past few decades. When you partner with a managed print services company, they’ll help you find printers and copiers with outstanding features that can produce higher quality outputs than ever before, and at much faster speeds. 

So how are these devices helping organizations improve efficiency and boost productivity?

Searchable Scanned Document

Copiers can convert scanned documents, PDF files, and other images into editable and searchable files. This helps organizations prevent loss of data and manage their files more efficiently.

The ability to preview documents before printing is another feature that makes copiers more efficient. By scanning, copying, and providing a digital version of the document, organizations can store it or share it digitally without having to print out multiple copies – which saves time and money.

Digital File Sharing

Not only do printers allow people to share files digitally as well as using their copies, but they also include features that allow people to access their files remotely. This eliminates the need for people to print out files (if not necessary), which reduces paper usage and increases efficiency.

Mobile printing

Copiers and printers are now multi-functional machines that can scan, copy, fax, email, or even print wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to print documents from anywhere in the office, or even outside of it. This capability is extremely beneficial to businesses that depend on their staff having access to files from any device.

User-friendly functionality

For your copier or printer to boost productivity, it needs to be user-friendly. It’s not very effective if you have a machine that is difficult to use and understand in the office environment. A managed print service provider will help you find copiers and printers that are designed with user-friendly functions just like that of smartphones or other mobile devices. This helps your employees quickly and easily print documents without the need for technical assistance.

Printing on demand 

Copiers and printers can also be used to help your business run more efficiently by printing only what is needed when it’s needed. Printing on-demand eliminates waste as well as storage costs for printed materials that aren’t immediately needed. A managed print services company will also manage your printing needs and provide you the supply before you need them.


These are just a few of the ways that printers and copiers can help improve work productivity in your office or business. With these capabilities, it’s easy to see how printers and copiers can increase productivity in a work environment. If you want to know more about how printers and copiers can boost your business’s productivity, make sure to find a reputable managed print service provider today.