In a 2014 report, the global paper production hit 400 million tons. And like with any business, printing is one of the essentials in the retail industry. However, managing the printing fleet can be challenging at times.

Print management solutions give your retail business an edge due to the following reasons:

It can improve customer service. 

Your employees can easily get distracted from their designated task by merely encountering printer issues such as toner outage, functionality issues, and the like. But with the help of an MPS provider, this could be avoided and will help your salespeople to focus and improve their customer service.

It analyzes your printing needs.

A managed print solutions provider specializes in print fleet management. Their services include the proper analysis of your retail company’s printing needs. They help you consolidate printer fleet usage and other data to ensure that your retail business implements adequate equipment at an affordable price. 

It reduces the use of local printers.

When you partner with a managed print solutions company, you can eliminate your local printers’ current number. In this way, you can avoid challenges such as purchasing different cartridges for your local printers, inventory tracking of your retail business, and not maximizing the use of one printer.

It streamlines printers’ proper placement.

MPS providers also strategize the placement of the printer in your retail business or office. They suggest printers’ locations for easy access by everyone. It helps your employees be more productive since they don’t have to waste time walking across the building anymore to get the printed material. 

It replaces inefficient devices. 

As a retail business owner, you might not realize the costs involved due to the wrong choice of printers. With managed print service, you will know what kind of printing device is best suited to your retail business needs. 

It supports automated supply delivery.

Without monitoring and ordering toner cartridges from a supplier, your employees can free up their time to use it for a more significant task. The MPS program can easily monitor your devices and automatically deliver the needed printer supplies to avoid prolonged downtime.

It provides planned cost and predictability.

MPS programs provide customized supply and equipment costs for a month. They usually offer planned prices so that there won’t be any surprise maintenance and unpredictable printing costs anymore. Your retail business’s printing cost could be properly predicted when you enter into a partnership with a print management solutions provider.

It trains all employees on new technology.

An MPS provider can facilitate training for all employees to have the proper and necessary knowledge on what to do once they encounter printing issues. In this way, your IT staff can focus on their designated tasks. 

It promotes and supports remote printing.

Another way to offer convenience to the employees is the mobile printing. It will let your employees print materials remotely from off-site locations and any device. If your retail business has mobile printing, the MPS provider is a great way to maintain and provide troubleshooting support for all employees.