Even with the advent of advanced digital technology, the fact remains that printing on paper is still an important aspect in the operation of almost every single business. 

As something most businesses cannot do without in this age, printing is a reality that you must accept as a business owner or manager. It is an investment that you need to make in order to achieve your goals. 

As such, you need to devise an efficient system that will optimize the performance of your printing infrastructure and eliminate unnecessary waste. Fortunately, you can avail of such systems through the implementation of managed print solutions. It will be your key towards an optimized printing performance, lower costs, lesser wastes and improved efficiency.

Print management is a forte of managed print services. It is a major source of ways for an efficient, cost-effective and structured printing strategy. A reliable print management solution encompasses a thorough assessment of your company’s printing capability, print fleet, and printing processes and procedures. It identifies items that need upgrading, improvement, or replacement.

A competent managed print service is responsible for the steady supply of printing equipment and consumables. This means that your MPS provider will work to achieve the optimum working capability of your printing devices.

As a business manager, finding ways to make your business grow is your primary concern and responsibility. There are a lot of ways to do it, but there’s one approach that can help you increase your revenues and eliminate the costs which have been eating up your company’s finances for a long time. You will achieve it by implementing effective print management strategies or working with a trusted provider of managed print services.

Here are 4 of the biggest reasons why Managed Print Services helps to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity as a business:

1. MPS Improves the Efficiency of Your Staff at a Lesser Cost

You can make your IT department more efficient by hiring topnotch staff, but its costs could get in the way of your cost-saving objectives.

As a business manager, you would want your staff to be productive. You’d want them to spend their time doing things that help to improve your competitive edge. But there’s one more thing that can help to raise your revenues; and that is cutting off unnecessary printing overheads.

Many businesses do not consider printing as an overhead, in fact 64% of small businesses can’t even track their printer usage or cost. Yet it can easily get as high as 5% of your revenues. It’s actually not just about printing because it encompasses a lot of hidden costs including IT staff time doing menial jobs and maintaining multiple suppliers, service costs and device downtimes, workflow delays, etc.

Using a reliable MPS provider on the other hand, frees up some of your staff and allows them to perform some of the most important tasks to make their department more efficient.

2. MPS Gives the Ability to Identify and Eliminate Wasteful Printing Processes

Even unto this day, lots of companies are connecting a number of printers to their network that is not managed centrally. This can result in various problems – from security risks to staff abuse. All of these can lead to unnecessary costs which is certainly detrimental to your company’s business objectives.

By working with a competent provider of managed print solutions, you’ll have the ability to monitor all the printers connected to your network. It enables you to keep track of their usage and see how your consumables such as toner and paper are used. It is an effective way to minimize unnecessary printing costs that happen in the form of wasted energy, paper, toner, and valuable man-hours.

If your company is making $1 million in revenues per year, you’ll be spending about $50,000 on your office printing annually. You could have ignored that amount in the past, but it can hurt your finances. It’s the reason why you need to understand the true cost of printing, and devise an efficient, productive and cost-effective print management solution.

3. MPS Corrects Defective Workflows

Your company’s workflow is an important component of your business operation. You should streamline it to optimize your resources and maximize your productivity.

Workflow defects can cause bottlenecks in your printing processes. It can lead to the loss of many work hours in your business and sometimes lost business opportunities. By implementing a managed print solution that fits your workflow, you will be able to reduce lost productive time and improve your printing efficiency.

As a business operator, it would be prudent if you allow an external and competent third party to assess your workflows as they would be in a better position to spot flaws in your work processes. This should result in improved efficiency. You might find that some of their solutions are quite simple, yet they work effectively to improve your performance and increase your savings.

Some of the most important solutions include the replacement of old, underperforming devices with one multifunction device, identification and elimination of redundant and unnecessary printing, and tracking the usage of your printing devices and consumables.

The right print solution is your key to an optimized workflow. It should be able to deliver printing, scanning and copying services to your business at the right time.

4. MPS Can Play a Critical Role in Long-Term Planning 

Many businesses, especially the ones that are engaged in printing volumes fall prey to unnecessary costs due to unplanned implementation of printing processes. The sloppy maintenance of printing devices is a big factor to this, as these equipment can break down at the most critical times. This can certainly cause harm to your company’s finances and reputation, and you must avoid it by all means.

With an effective print management strategy, you will be able to identify, track and measure all aspects of your printing and copying processes. It can help you to plan ahead and monitor the performance and condition of your printing infrastructure, and the amount of supplies you have on hand. It certainly works to save you money and reduce waste.

Managed printing is the key to a streamlined, cost-effective and highly productive printing environment. Make it work for your business with OneDoc’s print management solutions.