In the hospitality industry, guests come first, and business owners are always looking for ways to improve their customer’s experience. And this is what managed print services (MPS) is all about. One of the many ways it helps the industry is that it allows hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in this sector to focus on what they do best – running their business. MPS providers can take care of all printing needs: from managing printers and supplies to providing expert advice about how your organization can optimize its printing activities. This article will explore why MPS should be a priority for any company with high-volume printing requirements or who wants more control over their costs.

Managed printing: Convenience and peace of mind

One of the best things about hiring a managed print service provider is that you receive full support for your printers and digital copiers – from installation through to training and ongoing support. This includes a range of facilities management services, such as ensuring all your equipment is maintained, repaired, and updated when necessary. Hotel or restaurant staff no longer need to waste time administering guest printing. With MPS, your guests and even staff have a secure way to print work documents, their tickets, boarding passes, or whatever printing they need.

Marketing materials are made easily and efficiently.

According to research conducted by Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology, paper media such as printed pamphlets and brochures remain to be an effective tool for marketing in the hospitality industry. Working with a managed print services company will give you easy access to multifunction printers that can help you create marketing materials easily. More importantly, you can cut costs by printing your internal documents and marketing materials using your own printers and not through a third-party provider.

Improved workflows for hotel staff.

Working in the hospitality industry requires collecting, analyzing, and compiling large amounts of data every day. Whether it is for organizing guest logs, making inventory updates, or managing online and offline bookings, every staff needs to do things at a rapid pace to keep things running harmoniously. A managed print services company can help automate some of these demanding tasks and focus on providing better customer service instead. Some of these tasks include:

  • Workflow management systems
  • Document management
  • Fleet management
  • Data analysis

Why should the hospitality industry take advantage of managed print services?

The managed print services (MPS) market is growing fast. In many developed economies, the hospitality industry is one of the biggest users of printers and copiers, along with manufacturing companies and government agencies. That means MPS providers are eager to offer their solutions to hotels, restaurants, retailers, offices buildings — any office or business that relies on professional managed print services.

Managed print services are all about harnessing technology by improving the internal processes and therefore, providing solutions to improve the guest experience. Find an expert managed print service provider to help guide you in finding the print solutions you need to become the best in the hospitality industry.