Whatever industry it is, regardless of its size, they can greatly benefit from technology innovation. Some technologies actually fit perfectly to many businesses and sectors. One example of this is Managed Print Services (MPS). While managed print services can help business owners no matter what industry they are in, some industries can greatly benefit from it. With managed print services, businesses can take advantage of enterprise print management solutions which is a technology that streamlines the production and print tasks. Print fleet management is ideal for enterprise businesses as it makes all the tasks easy and seamless.

Here are some of the industries and sectors that can greatly benefit from managed print services.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

The banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industries are completely reliant on record-keeping for them to provide services. When it comes to loan applications, new account opening, mortgages, and other purposes, banking and financial institutions widely use paper and printers which can lead to high expenses in resources. Managed print services set the technology and automation in place to streamline the overall printing process in the BFSI industry. With enterprise print management solutions in place, banking and financial institutions can keep track of their printing environment. Moreover, MPS provides an added value of data security. This is beneficial to the BFSI industry considering they are one of the most sensitive industries when it comes to customer data.

Telecom and IT

One of the fastest-growing industries worldwide is the Telecom and IT industry. Because it deals with so much information, heavy printing is an absolute necessity. On top of that, 50% of IT help desk calls are printer-related. MPS helps companies reduce those unnecessary issues, hence, diverting IT staff time on other important matters.


With the rising demand for efficient government services, more government agencies and departments are utilizing managed print services. It allows government agencies to streamline paper-based processes. Some of the advantages that government agencies with MPS can get are centralized print management, print fleet management, secured printing, reporting customization, reduced printing expenses, and a lot more! On top of that, MPS helps prevent data breaches which is a huge vulnerability of government agencies.

Industrial Manufacturing

From product order to shipping and delivery of goods – printing is an essential part of these processes for manufacturing companies. Manufacturing organizations need to maintain information and output in a secured format which is why managed print services can come in handy in this industry. With MPS, printing is simplified. Moreover, other processes such as document control, compression, profiling, and others are secured.

Healthcare Industry

MPS perfectly fits the healthcare industry as it addresses the primary concerns of keeping records of individual patients. Whether it is from making copies of patient files, billing, or record transfers, MPS has the solutions for it with an added value of security to maintain patient confidentiality.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that MPS has quickly become the standard for business in a lot of industries. With its printing solutions, any business from any industry can gain a significant advantage over its competitors.