This month ENX magazine is celebrating the Difference Makers from the Document Imaging community. These people represent all corners of the industry, from the OEMs, to services and solutions providers, to supplies folks, to analysts, to social media mavens, to speakers, and bloggers and writers.

Every industry has its influencers, setting examples by doing what comes naturally. Kevin Morris, owner of OneDOC Managed Print Services has been recognized as a Difference Maker a leader in the industry because of his customer focus and straightforward solutions.

Here is the recognition in its entirety, read the entire list here.

Kevin Morris

OneDOC Managed Print Services, LLC

Why we think Kevin makes a difference: Not only is Kevin a true MPS expert, he presents a unique perspective, is willing to help other dealers get better at MPS, and contributes to the industry as he leads the membership for MPSA. His knowledge of MPS through his consulting services has been an asset to his peers looking to get into MPS. The great thing about Kevin is that he gets MPS and he’s not afraid to share what he knows and has worked for him with others.

What they’re saying about Kevin:

“Kevin has single-handedly led the Managed Print Service Associatoin’s membership drive while managing to triple his business year over year. Kevin is as good at selling as he is willing to take your call to help.” Ken Stewart, Founder & CEO, ChangeForge

“Kevin is an MPS expert with a unique perspective who is willing to help other dealers and contribute to the industry.” Sarah Henderson, Operations and Business Development Leader for Axess Managed Print Services, West Point Products