All businesses aim for profit and growth. For this reason, there is an urgent need for them to minimize costs in order to be competitive.

All businesses have lots of cost centers, but one of the most ignored, if not neglected, of these is the cost of printing documents. The printing section of most companies is often a source of wasted energy and supplies because, in most cases, no one is seriously monitoring the damage it does to a company’s budget. The few who realize it know that this cost should be controlled to maximize a company’s potential for profit and to keep their prices down. This gives way to the inception of cost control methods like hiring a print management solutions company in Oklahoma.

What is Managed Document Services?

Managed Document Services is a holistic solution that applies technology to improve an organization’s process of recording, storing, accessing, and acting on its documents and the information they contain. MDS is categorically higher than Managed Print Services (MPS) because it optimizes the entire document infrastructure and workflow of a business or organization, while MPS is focused only on output. MDS is a vital strategy every business should seriously consider in order to find opportunities to reduce cost .

Managed document services optimize a business through accuracy and streamlining of printed output. It works through a combination of the right talent, the right technology, and the right processes which make up the essential components of a cost effective business system. In short, MDS helps to optimize and streamline the overall document generation process of a business. This includes capturing and archiving, two of the most important features of document management. With help from MDS professionals like a managed document services company in Oklahoma, it is a very effective strategy for managing information across all stages of the business process.

The Benefits of Using Managed Document Services

  • MDS allows authorized staff to gain access to information they need
  • Enables authorized personnel to perform tasks with speed and accuracy
  • Enables authorized users to provide better service to customers
  • Works to significantly lower printing cost and reduce storage space
  • Enhances protection of data
  • Facilitates faster and more streamlined operations
  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Improves user experience
  • Significantly reduces waste
  • Promotes 30% savings on print-related costs

Optimize and streamline your document workflow with effective document management methods from a managed document services company in Oklahoma. Make your IT staff happier with a reduced workload and enable them to work on more important jobs.

Give your company a chance to be more efficient without having to spend more money. Contact OneDoc Managed Print Services for a detailed audit of your document management system and start saving!