The economic climate in the world today is increasingly demanding business managers to find methods that can add value to their enterprise. Overheads like printing costs for example play a huge part in reducing your revenues and should therefore be limited to the least possible amount.

Document printing can represent between one and three percent of your company’s costs. To achieve printing cost effectiveness, the best thing you can do at this point is adopt a solution that can help to eliminate printing waste, optimize your print environment, and boost the productivity of your IT and office personnel.

Managed print services (MPS) offer a solution! For some, it could look like an additional expense, but an efficient MPS provider like HP managed print services actually works to reduce your costs and boost your ROI.

This is how managed print services add value to your business:         

1. MPS works to reduce costs.  

An efficient print management solutions provider like HP managed print services helps to cut costs. They do it by devising strategies to monitor and control printing equipment and consumables, eliminate unnecessary printing and reduce printing waste. This could bring your printing costs down by as much as 35%.

2. MPS helps to improve efficiency. 

The implementation of effective print strategies does help to improve a company’s performance. It reduces the amount of time your employees spend on certain tasks such as printing, photocopying, scanning and other printer-related tasks.

An effective provider of managed print solutions will conduct an audit of your printing processes and equipment to identify its strong and weak points. They will follow up with a set of recommendations to streamline your processes and upgrade your printing equipment. This results in improved efficiency of your print environment and increased productivity of your staff.

3. MPS makes printing more flexible.

An experienced MPS provider like HP managed print services is up to date on the latest innovations in printing technology. This includes introducing new solutions such as mobile printing and duplex printing which have both proven effective in boosting employee efficiency and minimizing costs.

4. MPS reduces downtime.

Managed print services are synonymous with trouble-free printing. Aside from being responsible for managing your company’s document control and printing jobs, it also provides regular and periodic maintenance to make sure that your printing devices are at their peak. It is also able to identify and isolate faulty machines and replace them with working units while the defective devices are being repaired. It can certainly eliminate downtime and printing environment issues altogether.

5. MPS works to reduce your negative impact on the environment.

As your printing becomes more efficient, the amount of wasted and used paper, electricity and consumables will certainly go down. It enables you to save hundreds of trees in one year and helps to reduce your ecological and carbon footprint. 

Streamlining the printing process and minimizing printing costs is a goal for most businesses. With the advancement of printing technology and the advent of print management solutions, this is highly achievable. But this becomes easier if you seek the professional assistance of proven print management solutions providers like HP managed print services.

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