It’s all too easy to overlook printers. 

They’re simple to forget if they operate when you need them. Office printers are frequently disregarded, resulting in wasted time and money.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most frequent printer errors and how Managed Print Services may assist.

OneDOC Managed Print Services professionals are ready to perform printer assessments for your company. Here are some costly printer errors that Managed Print Services may help you avoid.

Your company does not keep track of printing costs

They say you won’t know how much you’re paying until you track each printer usage.  Many firms lose track of printing expenditures due to impromptu or decentralized spending, and they have no idea where or how much money is spent on printers.

You have a far better knowledge of how much printing costs your company with a single centralized printer tracking solution.

This data may be used to develop a strategy for reducing wasted printing and replacing it with a more cost-effective printing plan. Print tracking is provided via a Managed Print Services (MPS) service. You can view not just what you’re printing, but also which printers are being used the most and how.

Failure to secure printers

Printers must be protected. They provide an entry point for hackers if left unattended.

With today’s reliance on technology, a data breach is no more an issue of if, but rather when. According to research, over 60% of firms have experienced data loss through unprotected printers at least once.

Businesses take precautions to secure data on PCs and servers, but network printers are sometimes overlooked. Malware infects office printers, making them exposed to intrusions. Some firms believe that printers are unlikely to be hacked; this is just not the case.

The danger is substantial. Hackers will access sensitive data or deliver malicious messages via insecure printers. It is at danger and should be guarded if it connects to your network.

Multiple departments are in charge of their own printers

Is toner ordered or purchased by each department in your company from a separate supplier? Is printer purchase handled apart from service and support, resulting in a setup where each department gets printers from multiple suppliers and then calls multiple service companies? What about those instances when your IT department is called because a printer isn’t working?

Toner, servicing, and printer purchase are all managed by one vendor in a Managed Print Services program, which may save up to 30% on expenditures. Your IT staff will also save time by not having to deal with printer service calls, allowing them to focus on other essential projects and activities.

Get a dependable Managed Print Services right now

The issue is clear: network printers may compromise enterprise security while also increasing costs. Implementing Managed Print Services is a dependable and effective option

MPS can help you protect your printers by addressing vulnerabilities. The following stages are an excellent place to start:

  • Conduct a printer evaluation.
  • Limit Access and Set Up Authentication Controls
  • Examine the many MPS alternatives available.

OneDOC Managed Print Services professionals, who are also known to be the leading mpsok xerox printers in the area, are ready to assist you. Make an appointment for a consultation to see whether managed print services are the correct choice for your company.