The costs relative to your company’s document printing jobs can stand between 1% and 10% of your total revenue. If you implement a print strategy that can monitor and manage your printing and document management systems, your business can garner a savings of up to 30% from your usual printing costs.

Managed print services is a modern system of centralizing control of documents involved in the business processes. It is designed to streamline the print environment to eliminate unnecessary printing, optimize the use of a company’s printing and copying devices, and manage the filing and storage of certain files and documents .

Print Management Services have five main objectives:

  • Provide your organization with effective document management solutions,
  • Streamline your document and print management systems
  • Maximize output of staff and equipment in your print environment
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Allow your internal staff to focus on important tasks.

Managed print services help to boost productivity, reduce consumption of printing consumables, and reduce waste. In short, MPS is a system that works to maximize utilization of your company’s print infrastructure at minimal costs. Click here to learn how MPS can help your business.

These are the elements that play an important role how managed print services companies can help to eliminate or reduce printing costs:

No More Wasted Paper

Results of a study conducted by environment protection organization ThinkBeforePrinting suggests that 50% of documents printed in the office are never read or used. MPS works to identify documents and files that require printing. It encourages employers to implement measures to conserve paper consumption like two-sided printing and only printing files that require printed output.

Fewer Printers

There’s so much waste of time, energy and resources when you provide a number of printers to each department. By centralizing print services, you will be able to limit your printers, reduce operating costs and optimize printer usage.

Reduced Consumables

Fewer printers require less consumables like ink and toner. This can translate to more savings. Managed print services providers work this out to ensure that every printing device you have is accounted for and optimized to ensure maximum utilization.

Optimized Employee Time

With managed print solutions, you have the option to relinquish your staff from their printing responsibilities and hand these duties over to professionals. This is a part of a whole process that you pay for, but it allows your staff to tend to more valuable tasks.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When you outsource your printing jobs to MPS professionals, your equipment is automatically covered by a regular maintenance contract. This frees up your IT personnel from the responsibility of maintaining your printing devices and gives them time to focus on other tasks. Partnering with a managed print services provider can also translate to faster, more efficient equipment and zero downtime.

No Need to Train Staff

When you utilize the service of a MPS provider, you’ll be engaging with people who are skilled and well trained in document management and operation of modern office equipment. MPS eliminates your need to allocate a budget to train your staff to operate the devices.

Enhanced Backup and Recovery System   

Retrieving lost files and sensitive information is a futile task which can be very costly and time-consuming. Good managed print services companies see to it that your files are backed up and stored in a secure location. Even your printed documents are backed up digitally to ensure that all your files and documents are intact even in the event of a disaster.

Costs are a normal occurrence in every business. But costs incurred because of unnecessary procedures are a total waste. Make your printing infrastructure a cost-saving aspect of your business. Let it be optimized by capable managed print services providers like OneDoc.

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