Managed Print Services – Your declining use of paper and copier sales.

According to industry studies, the number of copies made and prints generated has been declining for years. The latest InfoTrends study predicts a 5% drop in all segments of out-put devices through 2018. Are you seeing this in your office? Some believe that managed print services engagements are responsible for a portion of the shrinkage, but it is difficult to know for sure.

One thing is known: people in the office are printing less, with or without an MPS program.

And why shouldn’t we print less? With the waste and lost productivity associated with moving information on paper and with continuous movement toward reducing costs, more businesses are understanding the cheapest copier or printer is the one you don’t have.

In this light, is an efficient managed print services program, provided by a national MPS company, a viable investment?  Yes. Additionally, as we move to a more digital world, one with less paper and more screens, do we still manage output devices, engage document management solutions and work with a print management company? Yes.

If optimizing efficiencies does not require purchasing new hardware, then is it prudent to work with a sales person tasked with selling more copiers? Copier salespeople are commissioned to sell more machines, protect an existing fleet of existing devices and increase the number of pages under contract.  They don’t get paid to help you solve problems – they get paid to sell more equipment leases.

So, when evaluating print management offerings, it makes sense to look at all of the influences motivating your MPS company.  Here are three areas to review when looking for a managed print services advisor:

The assessment –

A copier dealer is assessing how much you’re spending on hardware today, in order to propose a solution that includes new hardware, “at a lower monthly cost”, tomorrow.  True managed print services assessments endeavor to reveal devices worthy of elimination, not replacement.

The proposal –

The ‘solution’ is hardware-centric.  For instance, how is ‘scanning’ a solution?  It is a feature, not an answer.  If you are reviewing a “MPS” proposal stuffed with pictures of printers, copiers and machine specifications, your provider is equipment-centric.

Account management –

Although you can count on hearing from your rep 6-12 months before your lease termination date, authentic business reviews are few and far between.  The copier dealer business model is driven on thirty day sales cycles – a rep doesn’t have time to meet with prospects who can’t execute a new transaction more than three months in advance.

OneDOC Managed Print Services focuses on reducing your costs associated with printing and copying, not selling you new hardware.  OneDOC helps companies of all sizes, all over the country. Our sales professionals understand the entire business environment and have been helping clients for decades. We concentrate on solving your problems and reducing costs in an open manner – even when selling fewer copiers is the best alternative. OneDOC is customer focused, not machine focused.


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