One of my sales managers left me with some great advice. As I was describing one of my opportunities to him, the software, scanning, optical character recognition, meta-data and the like, he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Greg, sometimes we make this way more confusing than it should be. We’re just selling copiers…”

At first, I was dumbfounded. Wasn’t I suppose to design complex solutions for complex problems? Isn’t part of our value proposition the expertise of our Solutions Specialists? Don’t our machines solve business problems? Slowly, the idea crept into my psyche if not soul.

Crap. The only thing this, and many other customers like them, want is a copier or printer. That’s all!

Fast forward eleven years, and I’m seeing the same thing only this time, it is the over complication of managed print services. We’ve pitch behavior modification programs that talk to your end-users before they print color on a piece of paper. We’re offering data and algorithms which reflect everything from how many recipes were printed between 1 and 5 PM, November 21st to who printed off the internet at 3AM. We can monitor and manage your power – we know you need to do this, because we have data that tells us so.

Meanwhile, you’re bank utilizes paperless mortgage documents, filing taxes without printing a form is common and your kids are paying bills online, without receiving a paper invoice. Its a crazy world.

Keep It Simple Silly(K.I.S.S.)

Sure, business problems are complex. That doesn’t mean the answers should be. Managed print services providers are going through an identity crisis and fighting for relevancy. So you might be hearing about ‘algorithm driven’ supplies fulfillment or deep-dive analysis of your print behaviors.

Here’s an idea. Walk around your office and check out all the printers, copiers and paper. Does it feel out of control? Do you REALLY care how much color printing is done? On the weekends? How important is it, to you, specifically to your business, that your supplies are billed by the image or the number of users? As long as you don’t hear about a printer dying or running out of ink right before the “big presentation” was to be printed, it’s all good – right?

Darn right it is.

This is how OneDOC operates. Simple. Customer focused. Proactive. They know workflow and supplies management. They know how to optimize your fleet, when to replace a printer and when not to replace a copier. The operational execution may be sophisticated, but for you working with OneDOC is simple.

Simplicity leads the complex to the elegant.

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