In this day and age, documents are still important in how businesses work. A survey by Xerox showed that 40% of processes are still document-driven, 10% of revenue is spent on printing, and 40-60% of all calls to the IT department are print-related. That’s quite a substantial amount in terms of operational costs, It also means that there is a lot of time wasted by IT personnel troubleshooting printers and other equipment. Instead of focusing on other major computer and network problems, your company’s IT team has to deal with an employee or two holding up the printer or copier due to a large printing job gone wrong, causing holdups and delays for other employees. These are just some critical situations where managed print services for small businesses are advantageous in optimizing your company’s print environment and helping you be more productive and cost-efficient. 

A third-party managed print services provider will create a plan that assesses your company’s print environment by identifying all office equipment including copiers, printers and faxes. Next, they classify the location where all these equipment are located, which ones are the most utilized and have the most volume of work done for the business. Then, they detect the software being used. Finally, the managed print services provider will evaluate all the labor, maintenance, supplies, and costs of all the print-related equipment. After that, they will create a specific plan that fits all your small business’ needs in order to maximize how your new and improved print environment will help operations by relocating equipment, updating software and hardware.

How does managed print services for business save resources, time and money?

1. Low predictable payment with no capital investment.

One of the main benefits of partnering with a managed print services provider is that you only have to pay a consistent monthly fee. When a printer breaks down, your provider can solve these problems with their customer help support. Also, with managed print services, you schedule preventive maintenance and checkups to make sure that everything is working reliably and ensure that there will be lesser instances of your equipment breaking down.

2. Fleet efficiency to minimize waste and loss of productivity.

Paper jams can cause unnecessary downtime among employees and unnecessary time consumption among IT staff. That’s just one of the problems connected with inefficient print equipment including an employee printing too many extra pages or another one using the full-color option to print a black and white document. These are definitely costing your small business thousands of dollars. Managed print services for business will help eliminate wasteful practices and create the most optimised print environment. They update all your equipment with the latest technology at the most affordable cost, get rid of outdated machines, relocate equipment, adjust placement of printers and make use of software to identify detailed usage.

3. Automated fulfillment of suppliers.

Nothing is worse than running out of ink or toner in the middle of a print project. Having a managed print services provider can automate the delivery of all these supplies. This means your printers, copiers and other multifunction devices will have very little downtime. Through an assessment of your company’s usage, you can identify increases in volume throughout the year and already schedule your supply orders. That’s proactive management. 


For managed print services for small business, OneDOC Managed Print Services will work with your company to fulfil specific operational requirements, and achieve targets to reduce costs. We will continuously monitor and analyse your print equipment fleet, recognize areas for improvement, make recommendations and discuss all your options.

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