Small Business owners need to keep a vigilant eye on their budget and resources. Trimming fat, increasing efficiency, and boosting productivity are common goals for all businesses. Unlike big corporate offices, most small-to-medium businesses have a correspondingly smaller set of equipment and materials for their team. This means that insightful managers will work to maximize the output of their fleet. An integral piece of the puzzle is a program called Managed Print Services (MPS).

This is a relatively new trend, and streamlines the process and usage of copiers and printers that would otherwise have been phased out. Even though it is quite easy to scan an existing document, we still need to be able to produce original documents and reproduce mass quantities as well. This is where a print service can really help increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Now, you can bring in the equipment you need without having to purchase or maintain anything. Your print fleet will be tended to and maintained by certified technicians, freeing up your IT department for mission-focused work. If there is an issue with one of the machines, it will be detected by detailed remote monitoring equipment, and a technician will be dispatched automatically. You don’t even have to pick up the phone! Your print equipment will be arranged in the most efficient manner possible for your office space, making previously underused machines vital cogs in the wheel. Your supplies will be regularly and appropriately ordered, no excess or wrong parts problems. Your costs become far more manageable and straightforward, while saving money at the same time! Additionally, the element of oversight built into a Managed Print Service opens the door for continued savings and optimization as you go. The MPS structure is built to be agile and highly customizable, so you can ratchet it down to what works best for you. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has adopted the MPS method, check out their experience here.

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