Based on demonstrated thought leadership and execution of best practices, Photizo Group, the global transformation experts, have selected 13 independent, managed print services channel partners who were determined to be among the best in the world. Each partner program was thoroughly examined, and aggregate results are indexed to serve as a tangible set of benchmarks.

Photizo Group classifies this index of elite providers from across North America, Europe, Africa, and Australia as the lens to view the current MPS landscape.

For the 13 recipients, this is a great distinction. When looking at the entire group, OneDOC MPS is reviewed most favorably, standing out as the leader in MPS focus. This is a significant achievement for OneDOC MPS and validation that the business model is not only profitable, it is sustainable. Because OneDOC concentrates on managed print services, clients receive the highest level of support and guidance without distraction.

Nimble and focused –
OneDOC is focused on leading their clients away from the printer business and ordering toner. Their national team of service technicians are professional and efficient and operate under an infrastructure constructed to support.

Clint Eastwood once said, “A man’s got to know his limitations…”. OneDOC does MPS very well. You won’t hear about the newest “Managed Network Services” offering or why you should or shouldn’t adopt inkjet machines. You will learn how OneDOC programs keep you out of the printer repair and supplies fulfillment business.

Customer Centric vs. Vendor –
This is a major theme. OneDOC responds to customer needs, not print/copier manufacturers’ quotas. It follows that OneDOC MPS engagements are written to support existing devices and optimize over time. Working with clients’ timeframes is more effective than pushing a sale through in order to reach a month-end goal.

Revenue and cost management –
Revenue and cost management are foundational business concepts – if OneDOC were not managed to make a profit, not only would the company suffer, all of OneDOC’s clients would as well. Some providers assemble a collection of various offerings – copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, document management software and even managed IT services – in an effort to diversify revenue streams.  Unfortunately, stratification of product lines can lead to diffusion and confusion.

These three factors contribute to OneDOC’s exceptional recognition as a leader among leaders, on the global stage and also attest to the solid business foundation that makes OneDOC the premier managed print services provider and partner.

Reach out today, and experience what makes OneDOC the premier managed print services provider.