Every company needs to print files and documents. Printing is an integral part of business’ operations. The printing process is a cost, yet it also represents the image of your company to the world, especially your customers and prospects. For this reason, you should find ways to make sure that your documents are produced with the desired quality at the least cost.  

As a provider of managed print services, OneDoc Managed Print Solutions is committed to offer only the best printing solutions to our clients regardless of the type of business they’re engaged in. This is precisely the reason why we offer only the best quality printers and copiers to you.

In our experience, one of the best providers of modern copying/printing devices is Konica Minolta. They are in fact a consistent source of high quality Konica Minolta printing solutions. We support Konica Minolta not only for their multifunction printing devices but for their commitment to help make your business more efficient. 

Here arenthe reasons why we support Konica Minolta’s printing solutions:

Efficient Control, Management, and Monitoring of Printing Costs and Operations

Konica Minolta MPS allows you to manage and monitor your printing costs. It has a feature that tracks the printing or copying of documents on any device and charges the cost to a specific user or department within your organization. It also allows you to perform an overview of all the operations performed in your print environment. This will keep you aware of any unauthorized printing in an instant.

Konica Minolta printing solutions can also serve as a deterrent to employees who do indiscriminate printing. This can result in the elimination of unnecessary printing, reduction of printer workload and decreased energy consumption of printing devices. This translates to a reduction in printing, copying and scanning costs by up to 30%.


The modern multifunction printers produced by Konica Minolta are not only cost-effective – these are also designed to be environmentally responsible. For this, Konica Minolta was granted environmental certifications by Energy Star and other environmental protection organizations. 

Remote Access

Konica Minolta printing solutions have features that allow business managers and operators to access their Konica Minolta multifunction printers remotely. In fact, these upgraded devices are actually accessible from anywhere in the world via Cloud and Google Apps. This enhances document processing speed, and promotes work efficiency and flexibility. These are the essential elements required for maximized productivity at the least possible cost.

Enhanced Security

All business organizations desire speed, flexibility, efficiency and cost control in their print environment, but none of them are willing to compromise security for any of these.

Konica Minolta printing solutions recognize the importance of data security through rigid authentication systems. This includes the use of ID cards, access codes or finger scans to ensure the authority of personnel assigned to operate the equipment.

Moreover, any information stored in the internal hard drives of Konica Minolta printing devices are password protected. This cannot be opened or retrieved by unauthorized individuals.

Speed and Accuracy

The equipment associated with Konica Minolta MPS are designed for speed and accuracy. This helps to enhance productivity, increase output and enable your business to set itself apart from competitors.

As a provider of managed print services, OneDoc MPSOK believes in a systematic approach as a way to achieve business goals. We highly support Konica Minolta MPS because of its efficiency and proven ability to optimize the print environment, maximize productivity and reduce costs without sacrificing document quality and data security.