When you own a business, costing is crucial especially when it involves machines that are necessary.  One of which is printing machines or having a managed print service provider if you have a bunch of tasks that need a lot of printing.  Choosing which managed print services company to partner with is really important as it will impact your future expenses. On this blog, we will give a list of pricing models to refer to when you are planning to avail a managed print service provider. 

1. Cost per Print

Knowing your cost per print can be a good starting point to fully understand your company’s total printing cost. Bear in mind that printer and cartridge prices can be misleading when you want to know your real printing costs. To accurately control your printing expenses, printing cost per page is the important metric to focus on. Printing cost per page will tell you the average cost to print a page on your printer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you avail managed print services company, they can install software on your network to track prints, real-time. With this, it will give you accurate results. Toner, parts, and service labor in a cost per print should also be considered.

2. Toner Only 

Toner only option is more of the supply side of the print device. Its benefit is to ensure you use each toner cartridge to its full potential so you will get the value of money you spent. Managed print services companies can also track your toner usage remotely that’s why when you are low on toner, they can deliver promptly. Most of the time, this model covers labor costs on the device and that is the hassle of buying a toner cartridge.

3. Service Only

It is usually a labor agreement or service that most managed print service providers have. It includes maintenance and repairs on consumable parts but not on non-consumable parts like the toner. Business owners never pay for printer repair and managed print services do have software that monitors a malfunctioning copy machine. If they need to dispatch a technician, they can do so, thus less hassle to the business. 

4. Per Device

Literally, per device model is when you’re paying an amount based on the number and type of device you avail. This model enables the businesses to access contract pricing that aligns with the specific need. The managed print service provider will supply any necessary equipment and manage your fleet. 

5. Flat Rate

It varies depending on the print service company you availed. At OneDoc Managed Print Services, they listen to your needs and provide the best possible deal. You, the business owners, are their top priorities and their technology will help you develop an achievable plan. They are also flexible in terms of the service fee whichever is more convenient to you. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a managed print service provider gives you more time to focus on your business goals as they will be in charge of your printing tasks. In charge in the sense that they will provide the maintenance, monitoring, and repair. You wont need to allot an extra staff just to handle all the printers, copiers and multifunction machines. Leverage it and be smart.