When purchasing new office printers, what should you check for? Most likely, you check for features like scanning capacity, image resolution, and copy speed.

All of those things need to be taken into account. But what if I told you that it’s also crucial to consider issues like productivity growth and ongoing process optimization? Although it may seem difficult to measure those, it is possible.

Here’s how to obtain the printers you require while maintaining their efficiency, security, and productivity levels to the highest possible levels. It is known as print fleet management, and it begins with a straightforward action.

What is print fleet management?

Company can simply track and calculate the utilization of the complete office print fleet, which includes multi-function printers, copiers, and other devices, thanks to print fleet management. With this, businesses can regulate spending and ensure secure printing throughout the office.

Even in a world that is becoming increasingly paperless, printing is essential for companies of all kinds. Therefore, it’s crucial to always take good care of your printer fleet; if you really want to do that (and make it as effective, streamlined, and powerful as possible), you should think about printer fleet management.

Optimizing your print fleet management involves much more than just keeping all of your equipment functional. What more OneDOC can do for your company?

  1. Lessen wasteful printing
  2. Reduce the amount you spend on supplies and services.
  3. Protect important papers and your printers.
  4. Make user printing quicker and simpler.
  5. Improve the leasing and buying of equipment

How to manage your machines?

The organization and maintenance of your printer fleet will ultimately determine whether printing succeeds or fails for your company. While a slow, sluggish fleet can drag you down and deplete your budget, a quick, effective fleet that meets your objectives can help you succeed in a variety of ways. Printer fleet management can help with that. Availing printer fleet management services enables you to take charge and soar to new heights by assisting you in controlling your devices, comprehending your print behaviors, and curating the ideal blend of machines.

What are some practical advantages of printer fleet management, then? Here’s a brief glance.

1. Always use the appropriate equipment for the task at hand

If you choose the wrong printers, no amount of printers in the world will help you do anything. You can determine your needs, how you work, and which devices offer the best functionality for you to achieve your objectives by using fleet management.

2. Strengthen print security

Security is the main focus of printer fleet management. You will know exactly how to use any gadget properly and every machine will have a place in your security plan (even alongside your network, computers, and mobile devices).

3. Look for effective green initiatives

Going green is not only good for Mother Nature but also for your wallet. Fleet management reduces your environmental impact and helps you save money by identifying more effective ways to print and eliminating pointless tasks.

In Conclusion

For companies trying to cut capital expenses and contain supplemental supply costs, taking advantage of the printer fleet management services is a fantastic place to start. However, working with a managed print services (MPS) provider has even more benefits.