During this COVID-19 pandemic, fear and anxiety have caused a lot of work-related stress. Even if you are working from home or have to physically go into work, these emotions can be overwhelming. Being able to cope with work-related anxiety and manage job stress is critical to your well-being and that of the people around you in the workplace. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some symptoms of stress may include: 

  • feelings of irritation, anger or denial
  • uncertainty and nervousness
  • lack of motivation
  • sadness or depression
  • tiredness or burn out
  • trouble sleeping and concentrating

Many reports have shown that stress and anxiety these days are commonly caused by numerous factors. The most pressing of these would be the fear of being at risk of exposure to the virus while in the workplace or while commuting or driving to work. Another factor is the fear for their own family’s safety and health or being unknowingly exposed and asymptomatic and then passing it on to family members who are considered high-risk. Finally, uncertainty about the future is bound to bring a lot of sleepless nights and emotional turmoil. 

Meanwhile, at work there are also numerous triggers that can cause anxiety among employees. First of all is the uncertainty when it comes to employment status and fear of losing one’s job. Second, the changes in workload and insecurities about not doing a satisfactory job. The third anxiety factor is the lack of access to tools, equipment and software needed to do work while at home. Lastly, the pressure to learn new communication tools while having to deal with technical issues and adapting to a different working environment is a major factor behind work-related anxiety. 

In order to minimize and manage job stress in or out of the office, individuals need to identify the things that they cannot control and make the most of available resources. Businesses have been greatly affected by this pandemic and flexible or alternative working arrangements have become the new normal.  Global Workplace Analytics reports that an estimated 25% of workers will be expected to continue to work from home while the rest will experience a less populated workplace. Despite these changes, printing still remains an essential function in most businesses. In order to adapt, businesses need to be flexible to lessen stress, hassle and work-related anxiety. How? By innovating office operations and processes especially when it comes to printing needs and requirements. Managed Printing Services is the ideal print solution that every company needs to make their business more efficient and productive and their employees’ life easier.

Managed Print Services are offered by print providers to manage a company’s printing devices including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. With the shift to decentralized work structures schedules due to this pandemic, companies need to transform their print workflow processes and pivot to meet the current requirements of the employees and minimize work-related anxiety and job stress. 

How does Managed Print Services help in the workplace during this crisis?

1. With this pandemic causing numerous problems for businesses on how to remain open and sustain operations, Managed Print Services can help lower costs because of the consistent monthly fees with no more surprise and unpredictable maintenance costs.

2. Managed Print Services providers will train employees on the new technology and print devices and software which allows IT departments to focus on their primary responsibilities. MPS companies will also provide help desk support for any future print issues.

3. Managed Print Services helps identify which printing devices are working inefficiently and replace them with better, easier-to-use and more modern devices that help employees become more productive. MPS companies will look at printing usage history and recommend the best printing devices that will fit a company’s needs and budget.

4. Lack of supplies is one major problem that employees experience. During this pandemic, this is a difficult issue for those working at home and can cause a lot of stress especially if it contributes to a project not being completed. MPS providers offer automated supply delivery and ship toners and ink cartridges before machines run low.

5. This pandemic has forced companies to embrace innovative technology in order to lessen the exposure and risk of virus transmission through remote printing from employee’s own mobile devices even if they are in off-site locations. Managed print services gives the management team and employees a more decentralized printer environment where they can either print safely in the office or at home.

6. With remote printing enabled, the company also needs to ensure that all employees are provided with secure home printing solutions. Managed print services providers can equip employees with devices that adheres to tight security standards of the company. As more devices are connected digitally through the cloud and networks, it is important to track usage for accounting and security purposes and maintain the integrity of paperwork and documentation.

It is very important that companies prioritize the well-being of their employees during this pandemic by providing innovative solutions that make employees’ lives easier and more productive. This helps employees adapt to major changes in the workplace and boost their morale by keeping them motivated and up-to-date on business processes and workflows that do not add unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

For reliable managed printing services, OneDOC Managed Print Services is designed to work with companies to make recommendations, discuss options, reduce costs and most importantly, provide solutions that are tailored to meet both the needs of the business and the employees. We will help keep your IT staff focused by reducing their workload and improve productivity of other employees by making their lives easier in the workplace even if it’s at home. Call us today 1.844.633.3050 (National Toll Free) or email onedoc@mpsok.com.

Remember, don’t forget to communicate with your coworkers, supervisors, and employees about work-related anxiety. Talk openly about how this pandemic is affecting work and identify the things that cause stress so that everyone can help each other to identify solutions. Stay safe and be well!