Since more than four decades ago, the practice of outsourcing has been a popular business strategy as a way for companies to reduce their internal costs while streamlining their operations. Such practice allows companies to focus on what matters most for business growth. For example, a managed print services company can be contracted to ensure that the mundane but important tasks of printing, photocopying and documenting are well-taken care of without the employees having to worry about paper inventory, supply procurement, and equipment maintenance and repairs.

Whether you run a large global corporate office, a medium-sized business or a small-sized operation, working with a managed print service provider can provide huge benefits such as saving you and your employees a ton of time and money.

Yes, cloud storage, databases accessible online and digitization of documents may be popular in this modern era. But let’s face it: there are still a lot of documents that have to be kept and accessed in printed forms. Furthermore, in some businesses, analyzing data is best done when the information is spread out on printed paper than having to constantly swipe around the extremely limited screen of a tablet.

Below is a quick list of the top businesses, big or small, that can benefit from partnering with a managed print services company.

1. Law firms and legal offices

Every day, lawyers and paralegals are bogged down with documents, which often need to be printed out, signed by several parties, scanned, duplicated, edited, filed and later, retrieved. 

2. Accounting firms and bookkeeping businesses

Raw financial data as well as thick regulatory reports will have to be printed out on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Although regulatory filing is generally done online, a bookkeeping/accounting agency may have to provide printed copies to their clients and relevant stakeholders.

3. Advertising and marketing agencies

Especially for those focusing on traditional promotional channels, final drafts of layouts for billboards, flyers, posters and signage, among others, will have to be printed out to produce a more visual sample. Even if your agency is focused on digital platforms, your creative team may have to print out prototypes and visual samples in order to brainstorm and produce the best ad and marketing copy possible.

4. Retails shops

Retail shop owners, their management and their staff may have to print sales reports on a daily basis for filing and/or analysis. There could also be huge amounts of printing tasks regularly especially when you DIY the printouts for your promotional materials. Adopting MPS for your business will ensure that you have enough printing supplies at all times for your marketing materials to avoid delay on your seasonal events.

5. News, newsletter and magazine publications

With the massive amount of printing that may be done during the planning, layout and collaboration stages, a managed print service will ensure that your publishing company will always have enough ink, toner or cartridge and that your equipment remains reliable and well-serviced.

6. Medical clinics and healthcare facilities

Whether you’re running a physicians clinic, a dental clinic or a nurse-led clinic, it’s a fact that the healthcare industry is still highly reliant on printed documents. It’s not because the industry has not grasped the benefits of document digitization, but the transition to digital formats is still generally perceived to be a costly and time-consuming process.

7. Hotels and other accommodation operations

Despite all-in-one hospitality software that makes hotel operations automatic and convenient for every department, printed documents remain a major part of the accommodation operations. As examples, front desk staff will have to print out forms for new guests to sign, the hotel’s group booking coordinator will have to print and file contracts and the housekeeping managers will have to print out accommodation information every day for the staff to monitor room cleaning. And we haven’t even talked about the sales, marketing and accounting departments.

8. Schools, colleges and educational establishments

Depending on the size of your establishment, having several printers from different manufacturers located in different departments/offices can be a hassle. An MPS can ensure that all units in your print fleet are compatible for minimal or no workflow interruptions and low costs. Your educators and non-teaching staff will also not be bothered with printer-related inventory and repairs, as the MPS company can remotely keep track of these and take action immediately.

9. Car dealers

Despite digitalization of documents, there are still a variety of printed documents that need to be kept such as contracts for new cars.

10. Financial services

The financial industry still relies heavily on paper documents due to regulatory matters. Whether you run a bank or a lending company, printed documents will have to be produced for new account registration, loan applications, mortgages and related matters.


Whatever the size of your business, partnering with a managed print service provider offers tremendous benefits in terms of efficiency, cost-savings and employee productivity especially when the nature of your operations require a ton of printing, photocopying and documenting tasks. With managed print services, your employees (most especially your IT and maintenance departments) are freed from printing-related repairs, troubleshooting and inventory management, and thus, can focus on more important matters.

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