Among the many industries in the world, the healthcare sector is among those with a high-pressure environment. Aside from taking care of the sick, there is so much more work involved especially on the administrative aspect. And on top of that, the healthcare industry is integral to the economic and physical health of every person in the country. Finding efficient solutions is crucial in keeping the healthcare system running smoothly.

Here, we will delve deeper at how Brother Managed Print Services can help reduce the administrative workload of workers in the healthcare industry and why they are the perfect partner for managed print services.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are services or solutions offered by print providers to businesses and organizations to manage their printing devices which includes printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners, and a lot more.

Among the top features of managed print services are monitoring of the printing usage, the streamlined maintenance, and proactive delivery of printing consumables such as ink supplies and paper. Managed print services providers provide customized packages and design contracts to businesses and organizations depending on their printing needs.

Today, many healthcare organizations choose managed print services to improve the productivity, efficiency, and security of data in hospitals, clinics, or any medical institutions.

What Makes Brother Managed Print Services Perfect for the Healthcare Industry?

The key vision of Brother is to reduce the resources spent on administrative tasks, implement time-saving technology, and reduce downtime to make a real difference in doctors and healthcare practitioners. Managed print services allow healthcare staff to spend less time on IT management and administrative tasks to focus more on the ever-increasing demand for specialist healthcare.

Print management solutions

Brother print management solutions offer:

  • Break-fix maintenance services, if necessary.
  • Access to cutting-edge printers and other devices
  • An annual price review to make sure that the supply of Brother products meets your organization’s printing consumption
  • A quick and easy ordering process for supplies with guaranteed fast delivery
  • A cost-effective way to buy Brother supplies such as toners and inks


These print management solutions are part of a designed streamlined model that is quick to set up and implement for the healthcare industry. Healthcare staff can access a user-friendly online portal where they order new supplies as quickly as needed at a click of a button. This will ensure that you won’t have to face downtimes or delays with printing needs.

And when it comes to repair and maintenance, Brother has reliable technicians to provide quality support and updates on any printer device that requires a check, repair, or replacement.

Patient ID Printing

Accurate patient identification is extremely important to healthcare professionals. This is vital for a number of reasons as it can pose a number of risks to all the people and departments involved. For one, accurate medical records ensure that no patient is being administered treatment that is intended for another. Accurate patient records can be also used to defend a complaint or clinical negligence claim.

Brother has a range of wristband and label printers that provides crisp and accurately imaged labels for patient IDs. With this, healthcare professionals can correctly identify patients throughout their entire healthcare journey – from admission, treatment, and discharge.

Technology solutions for pharmacies

A single misprint on a label can be catastrophic. It can cause an overdose and even loss of someone’s license. This is why pharmaceutical printing should be done with precision and accuracy. Brother has the expertise and experience in designing print management solutions that are best for pharmaceutical companies. They have a wide range of multi-function devices that can support scanning, label printing, and photocopying that are crucial in pharmacies.

In pharmacies, every purchase involves a lot of paperwork – from the printing of barcodes, receipts, and backup of records. Brother print management can automate this process accurately and safeguard all the information on pharmaceutical prints.

Staff Efficiency

When there is an onslaught of patients in hospitals, medical staff can get overwhelmed in receiving these patients. Handling malfunctioning printers and print supplies shouldn’t be their concern anymore. Brother MPS for healthcare can take this burden off to improve staff efficiency. It helps medical staff stay focused on their patients.

Increase in Patient Privacy and Security

In the healthcare industry, prioritized security is required by law. Every patient has a right to decide how, when, and what others may access their health information. Patient privacy helps not just the patients but the healthcare industry as a whole. Managed print services provide the security to manage confidential records and dissemination of patient information. Brother multifunction printers have improved security features that include protection against the printing of confidential medical records.

Cost Savings

Just like any business, the healthcare industry needs to keep track of its budget. Hospitals or any medical institution are continually looking for ways to cut costs in ways that do not affect the quality of care of their patients. Managed print services are a solution that can accomplish that objective. Not only does it help the security and safety of patients, but it also allows hospitals to get rid of printing devices that are not cost-effective. Brother MPS will also assess your printing fleet and determine your printing habits to create a more cost-effective strategy.

Getting started with Brother Managed Print Services

In healthcare, printers and technology can directly impact the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. On a daily basis, hospitals and healthcare institutions have plenty of print jobs to do. This can range from prescriptions, patient identification, receipts, charts, test results, release papers, and so on! Managed print services have proven to be valuable and are a need in healthcare.

Choosing Brother as an MPS partner can assist in eliminating some of the pressures in the healthcare industry. As a leading provider of MPS, Brother can bring a customized MPS solution that you need for your hospital, laboratory, or clinic. With their reliable print solutions and products, healthcare professionals can focus on what matters the most – the quality of care they can deliver to their patients.