Partnering with a trusted managed print service provider for your company’s documentation needs is one of the many steps toward a more sustainable business. In these times when people are concerned about the environment, it’s essential for businesses to embrace sustainability in their operations. 

Companies have to ensure that every part of their business is as streamlined as possible to reduce waste which harms the Earth. In fact, a consumer survey with a thousand respondents in the US has revealed that at least 11% would pay more than 51% for products and services if the company is making efforts in protecting the environment.

A managed print service (MPS) is essentially an outsourced service that will optimize and/or manage the document output of your operations. Any business can benefit from MPS regardless of its size and the industry it’s in. Aside from providing the appropriate print fleet after conducting a needs assessment, a managed print services company also monitors and provides the supplies, components and services necessary to keep the equipment in top shape. MPS companies assess how the copiers, printers and fax are used. They also deal with routine maintenance and handle service problems. Furthermore, some MPS companies offer modern-day document imaging and other digital services for a more paperless operation.

An MPS equates to sustainability for many reasons, including the following:

1. Reduces paper usage and waste

A dependable managed print service provider conducts a needs assessment on the printing requirements of your operations in order to plan and install the perfect print fleet in your establishment. This process enables you to recognize your operations’ existing printing habits and eliminate the ones that are unnecessary and wasteful. Cutting down on paper usage is important considering that in the US alone, 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away annually.

2. Improves energy efficiency through well-maintained print fleet

Imagine printing something only to throw the papers away because of the low quality of the printed document caused by damage, inefficient or poorly maintained printer or copier. This doesn’t just increase your paper waste but also increase your energy consumption due to inefficient equipment.

A reliable MPS company monitors the service and maintenance needs of the equipment in your print fleet and can immediately take action to rectify the situation. In short, there’s no need to have broken or inefficient equipment lying around in your establishment for too long. What’s more, there’s no need for your employees to deal with print-related repairs, allowing them to focus more on their work.

3. Paves the way to a more paperless operation

An MPS company can also track print usage on the equipment, allowing you to assess whether your paper usage is too high and to make the necessary adjustments on your company’s workflow by implementing policies which encourage sustainable habits among employees. This paves way to the possibility of creating and implementing a plan for your company to go paperless, identifying which documents can be digitalized for filing and later retrieval. Ultimately, your printing is only done for documents that absolutely need to be filed in paper form, such as legal documents.


It can’t be denied that partnering with a managed print services company doesn’t just streamline your documentation processes and reduce your costs but also boost your sustainability efforts. Make sure to contact us here at OneDOC Managed Print Services to learn more about how MPS can help with the specific needs of your business.