As a business owner or manager, you have heard that hackers can break into corporate networks by stealing sensitive information not only from computers but printers and phones as well. But have you also heard that effective print management solutions can provide your business organization with maximum protection from unauthorized access to information?

A 2019 report from the security research firm Qoucirca stated that printers that are connected to a business organization’s network are potential targets for cyber-attacks. The report further said that 60% of businesses in the United states, United Kingdom, Germany, and France are victims of print-related security breach. The result was $400,000 worth lost data.

According to Microsoft, hackers are on the lookout for printers and similar devices that are not updated with the latest security applications. This is how a group of Russian hackers gained access to sensitive information from numerous organizations.

Realizing this as a vulnerability, a majority of  printer manufacturers decided to build printers, copiers and multifunction devices with advanced security features that thwart unauthorized access to protect your network from hackers. It also paved the way for the development of managed print solutions.

Here are some effective ways to prevent hackers from infiltrating your printers and protect your network from unauthorized access: 

1. Buy Printers with a Digital Lockbox

Some printer manufacturers enhance the security capability of their products by installing specialized hardware in them. They do it by installing a security chip in their product that is programmed to generate cryptographic keys. This can effectively encrypt and decrypt sensitive information such as passwords.

2. Keep Devices Protected with the Latest Security Updates

Hackers are always on the lookout for network-connected devices with outdated security features. Ensure the security of your sensitive information by keeping your devices updated with the latest security applications.

Most printer manufacturers embed their products with security features and assure buyers that they will receive newer versions automatically when updates become available. 

For some brands, there’s a feature that alerts users if the device detects any unauthorized change in its software. This prevents hackers from installing malware or malicious codes in your devices to gain access to your network.

3. Activate Confidential Printing Modes

Hacking is a more technical way of stealing confidential information, but there’s a primitive, yet simple way to do it – it’s called spying.

To avoid spying, modern printers are now equipped with special modes or functions that you can activate to prevent prying eyes from getting access to confidential information. 

For example, if you want to print sensitive information on a shared printer, use the printer’s “locked job” option to prevent the release of the document until you let it go with a password or a swipe. This works to ensure that no one else but you, the document owner will see the document or pick it up.

4. Use Managed Print Services

If you work with a competent provider of managed print solutions, you can be sure that it will result in improved print security. As what Qoucirca stated in its 

2019 report on the global print security landscape, 62% of business organizations are using MPS to improve print management and boost security of their information. 

Many printer brands have made security a top priority. While this works to protect your organization from malicious individuals, you need to update your devices with the latest security algorithms to counter new malware. Indeed, there’s a need for you to have someone in the know about printer and network security to ensure the safeguard of your priceless business information.

Security threat is a glaring problem your businesses are facing everyday. You must act swiftly to protect your business. Give your print environment maximum efficiency and ultimate data protection. Work with us today. 

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