If your business relies a lot on printing and physical documents, then it’s likely that hiring the services of a managed print solutions company will benefit you greatly. Aside from that, MPS print services will take the brunt of print-related work off your hands and lets you focus more on the things that matter.

With the help of a managed print solutions company, you won’t need to worry about hardware malfunction, a shortage of ink, and a lack of support when things go awry. With a dedicated team ready to respond to your printing-related issues, you don’t have to lose precious productivity hours at work.

Aside from that, managed print services also help your company reduce its overall carbon footprint. As more consumers prefer working  with “green companies” it’s only fitting that your business starts practicing sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Make an effort to conserve energy and shift your company to greener pastures. Here’s how managed print services support “going green” and why your company should be doing it too.

1.  Reduce the amount of paper you consume

Studies suggest that the average American office uses at least 10,000 sheets of paper every year. With that much paper used and wasted each year, just regulating your use can save several trees. Consolidate devices and put in an effort to pool all of your documents in one place for printing instead of buying a separate machine and doing it yourself.

A managed print solutions company helps you save costs and reduces your environmental footprint by controlling the amount of paper your company consumes.

2. The existence of a monitoring system

Part of what MPS print services do for your business is to monitor your expenses. Everything print-related is controlled externally, which means this company can tell if you’ve been wasting paper or not. With a monitoring system in place as part of your MPS package, you should be able to identify and track levels of print usage.

MPS companies review your Managed Print program, install updates, remotely monitor performance 24/7, proactively maintain equipment, address potential security threats and assess changing needs as your company grows to identify even more ways you could save time and valuable resources.

3. Reuse and recycle material

A MPS company could also help your business reduce your carbon footprint through the use of recycled material. Instead of regular paper, you can ask to use recycled paper for all of your document printing needs.

Additionally, you can also ask for duplex (double-sided) printing, toner saving mode, monochrome printing, and more. A MPS will also provide you with the option to recycle used toner cartridges for maximum effort in saving raw materials.

Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint through a managed print services. As recent events and news regarding climate change warns everyone to take proactive measures to save the planet, businesses have been finding ways to implement environmentally-friendly practices and policies.

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